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Need your opinion - Would a list of blog marketing tactics useful to you?

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by Jerry Low, Jan 15, 2015.

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  1. Helloooooooooo guys! How's everyone doing here?

    I sincerely need your honest opinion in something I am working on right now (if it sounds like crap, please tell me it's crap!).

    Here goes -

    I am putting together a list of 101 tactics (that I knew well or tried before) and a short remarks of each for my site visitors. Samples -


    I thought the list would be a good starting point for marketing planning and learning. And I plan to write several blogpost to talk about the "how".

    The thing is - this will take quite some time to build and I am not even sure if anyone will want it. Which is why I am asking your opinion here -
    • To newbies, do you think such a list would be useful?
    • To seasoned bloggers, do you want such a list if I tell you that I've been using most of these tactics to grow my sites personally?
    Please share your thoughts with me.

    Many thanks in advance!
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  2. Sounds like this would be useful.

    However, I am not sure whether you need to build such an extensive list. You could probably create a list of a dozen or so tactics and use one or two examples for each tactic. That would be enough to illustrate the different methods websites can make money online.
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  3. I second that. I think even experienced bloggers can benefit from it. Nobody can remember everything and even in your short list above there are a couple that I was like "oh ya I should go try that again over there..." Especially those of us with new clients on a regular basis because we kind of have to rinse and repeat everything.
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  4. Hi, Jerry! Yes, that would be useful to me (newbie). Are you going to just make it available on your site as a resource, or use as a freebie, or sell it, or what? I think you meant you'll just have it on your site, which sounds good to me. Who knows, though, a more detailed version might make a good opt-in.
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  5. Thank you for all the feedback!

    Using examples sounds good - it's something I never thought of. I could be stepping on people's toes by "outing" others' strategies and made some new enemies - but... let's see.

    @Heather Thinking of giving this out for free, or perhaps to my newsletter subscribers.
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  6. Its useful!
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  7. Yeah, It's useful. You can keep using it and also you can gather more to get your site's rank.
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  8. Thanks for the feedback.

    Soki - Your site in your profile might be infected by Malware. I was trying to learn more about you and Chrome gave me a security error. You might want to check with your web host.
  9. Hey Jerry,

    Yes, I am trying to fix it. I opened a thread of that matter, Kevin, Kris and some of the members gave me some pointers.
  10. Hi Jerry,

    It will be a really useful resource IMHO. I think apart from creating a tabular form list, you must also provide some filters to refine the list. For example, if I want to know only a list of parasite SEO, I should be able to do that from your resource page. That will be a wonderful resource.
  11. An interesting list that could be very helpful.

    My recommendation?
    1. Build a series around either the type of marketing used or how it helps. Do not post (yet).
    2. Create an eBook with all the material together.
    3. Put out first post and giveaway the eBook for an email those wanting the material immediately.
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  12. Good idea. The filter would be an useful add on for busy bloggers.

    That's a good way to market yourself and build email list. Thanks!
  13. Don't forget to create an infographic, that would get you a lot of quality links.
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