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New Computer Advice?

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by Heather, May 22, 2015.

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  1. I guess I'm a bit late to this thread but I recently upgraded my budget laptop's RAM from 4GB to 8GB and the difference has been amazing - its like a brand new computer!

    So if anyone is looking for hardware advice, get at least 8GB of RAM!
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  2. If you compare a laptop and a desktop and both had the same specs, I would choose the laptop as I could use it on its own or hook it to a monitor. But it would have to be like for like. As you rightly say, with a desktop you can easily upgrade and replace parts etc, be it a graphics card, sound card, RAM, or whatever (though you are still a bit limited as to what motherboard you have....granted, that can be replaced too!).
    Macs and PCs have all the same components inside of them. The whole idea of one being better at video/graphic editing is complete rubbish. I'm sorry but Apple you are paying for the brand name. Although I do agree their casing and shell are quite nice.
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  3. Quite late into the discussion. Not sure if you already purchased the system, but has anyone considered AMD based laptops / computers? I hardly find anyone using them and when I get my system configured and when I state I need AMD my hardware vendor stares at me! AMD according to me is quite underrated and gives you more for your money. They have launched the A series with A6 / A8 and A10 which are top of the line for graphic intensive usage. I am not saying others are bad, but each of my AMD has lasted close to 10 Years or more without issues. FYI I just purchased a A6 based Toshiba waiting for it to arrive!
  4. I have not owned an AMD device for years, but I used them in the past and was always happy with them.
  5. @prakash AMD is far beyond Intel in home computers. I agree, that in some cases it's better to get AMD, but in the end Intel wins, because it needs less power for the same performance and are supported better by most games/programs.
    (PS. I was using AMD Athlon in the past, until got first Core2Duo ;) )
  6. Any brand of computer should last for many years if you take care it. And if for some reason you have a defective part or burn out... well that is what the warranty is for, or Newegg :)
  7. @Kris Hoja - I think its a perception that Intel wins each time based on the benchmarks you choose. Personally I find no major difference between the two and all programs that run on Intel usually run on AMD with similar performance. The main thing is an optimized system and if you want a performance budget system then AMD gives you more for your buck. I am not currently aware of the exact pricing, but I usually found a AMD system with similar specifications can be built for roughly 30~40% less cost compared to an Intel based system. The performance almost remains similar. I doubt regular users like you and me will notice a 5 frame difference, or for that matter a second more in output or something like that. As I have and use both AMD as well as Intel, for the tasks that I do I dont find any major difference except a lower price for the AMD!
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  8. I thought Macs were supposed to run better/faster as the whole system was built to work together (hardware and OS), rather than a load of separate parts made by different vendors that had to take into account a whole host of configurations?
  9. @Joe F - Well as per my knowledge Apple does not manufacture most things including processor which I guess is Intel processor. Also given the price difference I tend to avoid Apple, as I could get 2 systems built for the price of one Apple!
  10. I didnt use a chrome as a operating system.
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