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New Members: Request Link Posting Privileges Here

Discussion in 'Community Announcements' started by Kevin Muldoon, Jan 9, 2015.

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  1. Most of you will be aware that when you first sign up to Rise Forums, you are unable to post links until you have been registered a set number of days.

    I am aware this is frustrating to good members that want to share the name of their blog or share a useful resource with fellow members.

    Ideally, I would be able to remove this measure as I do not like it. Unfortunately, it has proven to be the most efficient way of stopping spammers from spamming this forum (believe me - spammers can ruin a forum!).

    The only other effective method would be to implement a registration fee to sign up for Rise Forums. This would prevent spammers, however it would also prevent good members from signing up. Therefore, that is not something I want to implement unless I really need to (i.e. if we were being attacked by bots every day).

    In the mean time, I will (reluctantly) keep the anti-spam measures in place that prevent new members from posting links right away.

    If you would like this post restriction removed, please respond to this thread. Be sure to have one or two posts on the forum so that I can verify you are a good member (i.e. not a spammer!).

    Once you have made the request, I will grant you permission to post links and then delete your post from this thread so that the thread remains clean and easy to administrate.

    Please Note: It is not necessary to request this privilege. Once you have been registered a short space of time and contributed to the forum, you will automatically be given the right to post links in the forum. You only need to request this if you need to share a link in a thread within the next two weeks.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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