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New Monthly Membership Option

Discussion in 'Community Announcements' started by Kevin Muldoon, Apr 1, 2014.

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  1. I have added a new monthly membership option. Our yearly membership option remains the best value at $97 per year. This works out at $8.08 per month.

    I realise that a higher entry point to many people. I have therefore added a new monthly membership option for $9.99 per month.



  2. I think that option will allow you to grow your forum quicker - good call!
  3. It was something I had been meaning to do for months. I actually contacted ShareASale about this a few months ago but had to speak to the developer about ensuring monthly commissions for referrals track over twelve months.

    Looking forward to bringing more members in :)
  4. Kevin did you quit your ShareASale affiliate program?
  5. Hi Brian,


    Sorry, I was going to do an announcement about this...but was hoping I didn't have to.

    There may be a problem with tracking. At this point, I actually think that tracking is configured correctly.

    ShareASale asked me to do a test transaction to see if tracking was still working right. I cannot make a PayPal payment myself as it would involve sending money to my account.

    Therefore, what I had to do is make a payment via my bank card and credit card. What I found was that PayPal wasn't redirecting back to RiseForums when I did that. Which means that the ShareASale tracking pixel is not being tracked.

    I spoke to Amember and they confirmed that the plugin is working 100% correctly on my website. I spoke to PayPal and they said that redirection should be working and if it isn't, then the problem is with Amember. It's the classic "Blame the other party" scenario where I am caught in the middle.

    However, what I did was create a standard PayPal button and made a payment to myself through my credit card for $1. That did not redirect back to RiseForums, even though the button was configured to do so.

    This led me to believe that the problem is indeed with PayPal.

    I have literally being going back and forth about this over the last week or so.

    Then last night, I found a lot of people complaining about PayPal never redirecting back to the client website when a credit card is used. I cannot find any official information about this on PayPal.com itself; however there are many people stating that PayPal will not redirect back to PayPal.

    I now just need someone to help me test that this is indeed the case by making a test payment for $1 through their PayPal account (and not a bank account). If that still redirects to RiseForums, like it did when I first set it up, then I know the problem is with one off credit card and bank card payments. I will then simply remove the option to pay a one off fee and only offer recurring membership options. This ensures that only people registered with PayPal can join, which in turn ensures that all affiliate referrals are tracked.

    It's a real pain in the ass. I am trying to get ShareASale to switch it back on immediately, though I am not sure they are open over the weekend.

    Sorry for any inconvenience. I can assure you that I am trying to get everything back to normal as soon as possible.

  6. Just a little update.

    My friend just signed up to Rise Forums using a $1 test membership and everything was tracking ok. This illustrates that PayPal is the cause of payments not redirecting.

    I should hopefully have everything resolved by Monday or Tuesday. At this point, my hands are tied because the ShareASale office is closed. I need to wait until they are back so that they can activate it at their end.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  7. No problem Kevin! Sorry I haven't been online yet today, otherwise I would have been happy to help you test too. Sounds like you got it all figured out. I just noticed when I logged into ShareASale that one of the programs had been turned off...

    If you don't mind letting us know when it is back up, just pointed my Rise banners straight to your site for right now.

  8. Thanks Brian. Much appreciated.

    The problem is that I cannot even login to ShareASale and email affiliates about this issue. That in itself is a major problem as I don't have a list of affiliates. It's one of the negatives of outsourcing your affiliate program to a network.

    I will hopefully have everything resolved in a few days. I'm hoping Easter weekend will not mean I need to wait longer.

  9. Ok, this is good. I saw on my account page that Rise Forums was cancelled so I figured you got out of it. I'll keep an eye on this thread so I can reapply because I cancelled my affiliation. I should have checked with you first.
  10. The account is back online so everything is back to normal.

    It wasn't cancelled. They just disabled it temporary until we could verify tracking. While this was frustrating, I do understand the need for this as it is unfair for an affiliate to refer a sale and not get credit for it.
  11. Thank you Kevin for taking the time to fix this :) Hopefully as some of my smaller blogs gain momentum you'll start to see some leads come in.
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  12. Thanks Brian.

    I am going to take a look at what the best way is to promote the forum moving forward. While I am always available to help members, I am conscious of the fact that a forum needs to reach a certain level of activity for it to thrive. And at the moment, it does not have that activity.

    I probably have several members who login most days to check on things. However, ideally we need around one hundred. We also need varying levels of members: Beginners who ask questions and those with experience who will answer them (as people with more experience tend to start less threads).

    Rise Forums was never developed as a short term project. I have big hopes for this forum and hope I am running it in five years time, if not longer.

    There are a number of ways in which I can attract more members. I need to speak to ShareASale about each method and see if sales will still be tracked.

    One method is for me to offer a free month to everyone who signs up. This would allow them to try the forum out for a month and then by billed the following month. It would remove any hesitations from potential members about signing up. I just need to check with ShareASale would still track the referral commission that way.

    Another method that I suggested to ShareASale is to allow anyone to sign up for an account. Free accounts would only be allowed to post in a question room, and perhaps view another room. Once they have an account, they may be more inclined to upgrade and participate. Or perhaps free users could view the whole forum but not be able to post (e.g. this could be supported through ads). Though I am not sure about that either - as a public forum is very different to a closed forum, so I would have to discuss that with members.

    I need to find the right balance between offering a good deal to visitors to sign up and ensuring that affiliates are compensated financially for referring members. I will speaking to ShareASale about this later today and review what options are possible.

    In the long term, I would love to use revenue generated from memberships to pay one or two staff to work on a full time basis. For example, I could pay a WordPress developer to offer support to users full time. It's the kind of thing that can only be achieved financially if the forum has enough members, though I think it be a fantastic thing if the forum had members who specifically offered technical support. We are are a long way away from that situation. In the short term, I want to offer technical support myself, though there will obviously come a point where I will not be able to do that alone.
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