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News.mydomain Vs Mydomain/news

Discussion in 'Hosting & Domains' started by Soki, May 4, 2016.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I am building a company website which mainly consist of company profile, some portfolios, products and services. After it is done, I would not edit this content often.

    Also, I want create 2 other section which I would be updating frequently and also managed by another person in my company. 1 of the section being 'News', it is just actually a blog which we share tips and about our company's journey, etc.

    So my question, like the titled suggested. Which should I use?
    1. NEWS.3kuniverse.com or
    3. 3kuniverse.com/NEWS

    Please advice.
  2. I recommend domain.com/news/.

    If you place your blog in a sub-domain it will be treated as a separate entity by search engines and will therefore be ranked differently from the root of your domain. I suspect you do not want that as you want your news area to help your main website to rank better.

    Additionally, from a usability point of view, I believe it makes more sense to place news at domain.com/blog/ and forums at domain.com/forums/. Subdomains are better reserved for versions of your websites in different languages. Some people also use them for their support ticket systems e.g. [email protected].

    Another benefit of a subdomain is that you can create a unique host record for it, though I doubt that you need to host your news area on a separate hosting setup than your main website so I believe placing news in a subdirectory is the way forward :)
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  3. Thanks for the input Kevin.

    I had never thought of ranking matter, I was thinking somehow it looks nice with the news.domain.com.

    So conventional, what is the purpose of news.domain.com? What's the pros?
  4. The main benefit is the ability to host your blog in a separate location. Some people may think news.domain.com looks better. Personally I feel domain.com/news/ looks much better and you aren't separating your main website and blog from an SEO point of view.
  5. Alright, then i will got with 3kuniverse.com/news.

    Thanks Kevin.
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  6. Subdomains can still be useful from time to time, though mainly for times where you need to build a site/microsite which features content that might be significantly different from the main domain. Also, if you're wanting to segment out content areas and build each of those respective areas into a relatively autonomous microsite. There is usually added difficulty on the server management side, and things are more difficult on the SEO side, as Kevin mentioned. Generally, a subdirectory layout is much easier for most uses. If both "sites" are being built on the same CMS, a subdirectory would probably be the best.
  7. I had been doing some research about a week or so ago on this very thing and was pointed out something important.

    One thing that there is also to consider is that if the subfolder (example.extension/news) gets hit with any kind of issues with the search engines then it will affect the who site. If you use a subdomain (news.example.extension) then if the news subdomain gets hit with a penalty or something, it won't damage the entire site.

    Just food for thought.

    Good Luck
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