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Only For Kevin

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Raspal, Jun 3, 2016.

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  1. If you're not Kevin reading this, please move ahead. Nothing in here for you, guys!

    Kevin, I couldn't contact you using your blog's contact page, so posting here.

    All the menu links on your site/blog bring back the home page only. (The blog's first/front page does work)

    All the navigational links at the bottom of the blog page do the same thing too.

    You may want to check. Maybe some ill-behaving plugin's done this.
  2. Thanks Raspal. I appreciate you and @Kris Hoja bringing this to my attention.

    I arrived in Tenerife on holiday yesterday so I was really busy the days before and the day we travelled etc. I suspect it was a plugin causing this. Perhaps a caching issue caused by CloudFlare or WP Rocket. I hadn't been working directly on my own blog so I never came across this bug.
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  3. @Kevin Muldoon : I again see the exact same problem with your site.

    I posted a comment a few minutes ago after reading your WCEU post and it was all fine till that time.

    I guess some update may have caused this. I can't view any other page or the blog, only the front page.
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  4. That's strange. I'm not seeing that. I've cleared the cache of WP Rocket just in case.

    Is anyone else seeing this?
  5. Is okay now. Must be due to caching.
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  6. I'm surprised that fixed it as I have clicked the option to use cache for logged-in users. Glad it's fixed now. :)
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