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Order Canceled

Discussion in 'Hosting & Domains' started by Raspal, Nov 10, 2017.

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  1. I purchased a nice .com domain 2 days ago from powerhoster.com due to their $1 offer. My usual cc did not work with them. So, I asked my brother to use his card. He accidentally used his card but my name was already in the details and he clicked on complete button.

    It went through and I got the domain. But, later I got an email from the registrar that they had blocked my account and that I should verify my payment method account holder blah blah blah (all business speak, very hard to understand).

    I explained the matter and uploaded my brother's govt. ID. They replied in less than 30 seconds without reading what I said in the comments. They again asked for ID proof.

    The next few email exchanges were a waste of time as they have people who can only understand high level business English, can't reply in simple/plain English, nor can understand what I type.

    So, I told them to go ahead and cancel the order as they were already warning me about. I thought I would register with another registrar once they release the domain.

    Now, they have canceled the order, and whois.icann.org says:
    "The requested second-level domain was not found in the Registry or Registrar’s WHOIS Server.
    No domains found."

    But I'm still unable to purchase the domain through Namecheap or another registrar.

    What should I do other than waiting or trying to backorder from namejet? Do canceled domain orders go into public lists like expired domains do?
  2. Does anyone have any idea what I can do to get my domain name back?

    But, the whois shows that the domain name is not registered. Strange.

    Do registrars still do such things and snatch our domain names?

    Even GoDaddy still holds my old domain name from 2005
  3. This is very strange case, and I think its all depend on how valuable your domain name is.
  4. So are you not able to register the domain through another registrar? If you can, that is what I would recommend.

    If not, I would recommending pushing them a little and asking for them for some kind of resolution as they might be able to help you resolve this sooner.
  5. Wasn't able to register the domain anywhere, through any domain registrar for about a week. Till yesterday.

    Checked the whois today at Namecheap and it showed I could purchase it. So went ahead and purchased.

    Powerhoster is a strange registrar. Not even one of their support emails/replies were manually typed. All the replies were canned responses, and hard to understand big blocks of text. Like some legal advisor wrote them.

    I have never faced such a problem before, I've used friends' and brother's cards on GoDaddy and other reigistrars a couple times. Fools don't even understand that the last names are the same so it's a family member's card.

    Anyway, problem resolved now. I feared of losing the domain, as I don't know if canceled domains go back to public lists. I guess they don't, otherwise I couldn't have been able to re-register it.

    Lesson learnt - be careful which registrar you use, even if you want to later transfer it to another one.

    I think GoDaddy (though pricier), Namecheap, and Namesilo are the top three. Namesilo has the same price for all three - new domains, renewals, and transfers.
  6. I was having all my domain with godaddy, good at everything except pricing (when you want to renew and for longer duration), I am moving to namechap now, much better.
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  7. Namecheap has great and responsive support.

    Wait for 3 months, if you can. End of January, or early February, Namecheap runs a MoveYourDomainDay. Transfers are $3.98 (+ icann fees) per domain. You get free Whoisguard and I think SSL cert too.

    If you have many domains, you'll save a lot moving to them on MYDD.
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