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Our Buyer Protection Now Covers Intangibles

Discussion in 'Freelancing' started by Kevin Muldoon, Jul 1, 2015.

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  1. I just received this email from PayPal.

    Last year we told you about the changes in the UK to our Buyer Protection policy to cover intangible goods such as digital goods and services. As of 1 July 2015 we’re now expanding this coverage globally and so this will apply to your customers who live outside of the UK. As we do currently in the UK, we’ll review claims where a customer tells us that a service or item hasn’t been received or isn’t as described.

    As a seller, you can help protect yourself by retaining compelling evidence that you provided the intangible item or service and it was as you described it to be, should a buyer dispute a transaction.

    We expect you to benefit from this additional coverage too, as it gives your customers extra confidence when shopping with you.
    I'm not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing for people like myself that sell digital products such as writing services. In theory, a website owner could just tell PayPal I haven't sent them an article, despite doing so. Perhaps I'm wrong. Perhaps it will give people like myself more protection when using PayPal.

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  2. Well its a double edged sword! Mostly paypal protects the buyer rather than the seller. To avoid claims > I think the best method would be to generate an invoice via Paypal and in that under notes states > making payment for this transaction means that you have received the product as per your requirements > in this case you have received the Article for Buyer Protection on Paypal. That could act as a substantial proof that as a digital product was delivered - the client made payment for the same.
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  3. Eeesh I'm not sure I'm a fan of that.

    1. I'm not sure how well it'll work, Paypal seem to come down on buyers side more than sellers.
    2. You'd have to do the work first before payment. If you get deposits then it's completely unworkable.

    I would assume that some sort of sales receipts would be great like using EDD or WooCommerce may be the best way forward. Kevin when people pay you do you send them to a form or just "paypal X here"?
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