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Own or need WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping?

Discussion in 'Design & Development' started by Adrasteia, Jul 25, 2014.

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  1. To optimize the ordering process on my new website, I will need to purchase WooThemes' WooCommerce extension called Table Rate Shipping. I need this one because I need to be able to define shipping costs per zone (continent) and product.

    I'm a small business owner and to be honest, $199.00 for an extension is just too much. The 5-site license costs $50.00 more ($249.00). Would there be anyone interested in getting it as well, so we purchase it together and pay less? If one more person buys with me, we'd pay $124.50 each. But if 4 others would be interested, we'd only pay $49.80 each!

    Alternatively, should I be so lucky that there's a member here who already has a multi-site license and has a license 'left'.. I'd love to get in touch and work something out.
  2. Actually they had a very good discount offer all across the store last week if I am not wrong and you could have picked up the product at a much lesser cost. They had one offer a month back too. WooCommerce extensions are quite expensive and many have mentioned that something needs to be done to make them affordable. But till users are paying, I doubt anything would be done on those lines.

    Long back I had even emailed the likes of Adobe and Microsoft on the same lines. Adobe I guess took cue from many such emails various users had sent and started the Creative Suite Cloud.

    Developers fail to understand that once a user buys a product they are bound to buy more from the developer. Rather than trying to profit at a initial stage, they can do the same in parts. Rather than pricing a product for say $199 if the price it at $49 you will suddenly see more users purchasing.

    I had even suggested many theme / plugin sites that they should have two versions One with Support and Other only Downloads. If you need support there is an added cost of support staff involved, but to ask all members pay for support is also wrong. A leading plugin shifted to annual support membership and I clearly mentioned that there are many who hardly need any support so if they price differently there are many who would get the product based on their requirements and both customer and developer are happy because if its without support, you save on support cost and if its with support you get paid extra for the same.
  3. Shame I missed that sale. However I do not need it immediately so perhaps I'm lucky and another sale will pop up in the next month or so. For small business owners, $199.00 is just a big whack of money. But that's not all.. if I want support & updates (which I do because I don't want anything to break as WooCommerce gets updated) I'll additionally need to pay $99.50 per year to keep my licence. It's ridiculous, sorry. But it seems I don't have a choice.
  4. @Kris - for that matter you also have a totally free - http://www.wpavengers.com - but usually not recommended because we are not sure 100% sure if the codes are unaltered or they have been played around with. To be safe I always buy directly from the plugin creator and you can usually just send a friendly email if there are any promos / codes available and more often than not, they usually agree to a better price.
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  5. I don't agree with these websites that are offering GPL products for free. People quickly forget that it is not WooThemes they are ripping off; it is the developers who are selling extensions. They aren't millionaires. Therefore, downloading it free affects their income considerably.

    If everyone started doing that, developers would start moving away from WordPress. Therefore, I encourage everyone to support developers when they can.

    Also, as prakash says, these websites can modify code and insert malware if they wish. So be careful when downloading a premium product free of charge.
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  6. I agree with you guys and have not used ripped off stuff anywhere (was too scared of being hacked) .
    Just pasted the link to show that there are "alternatives".
  7. @Kevin Muldoon
    People quickly forget that it is not WooThemes they are ripping off; it is the developers who are selling extensions. They aren't millionaires. Therefore, downloading it free affects their income considerably.
    Yes though I agree with the statement and buy a lot of plugins from developers, I have put up this case many a times with different providers but none seem to like the idea. My suggestion has been to separate support and product development. Most product plugins are developed and then require only minor updates like compatibility issues or any bugs that may have passed on. Hence, year after year if you want a user to spend the kind of money, its not worth the effort. Instead, if its a different pricing for support and different price for plugin then those who do not want any support for the product can immediately save a lot of money because though development cost is high, the support cost is higher and if different pricing for plugin and support are mentioned, automatically a person knows that if they want support for the plugin then they need to pay extra. But if you do not want support, you automatically save that cost. Secondly, the pricing also results in less sales. If you price a product for say $25 its much likely to sell more than say you price a product at $199. People dont mind paying, but paying exorbitant rates is a strict no unless the client agrees to foot the bill. While doing a project I clearly mention to the client that these plugins would be needed and ask the client to buy these plugins under their account. That way they are aware that its not part of my bill but a separate costing they have to bear for their site.
  8. I agree with this Prakash.

    The problem is that sellers, rightly or wrongly, believe that they would lose money by doing this. Developers make a lot of money from people paying $97 for a product and then never using support.

    I do like the idea of a fair and transparent pricing system that does not force anyone to buy anything they don't want, but if it costs developers money, they won't do it.
  9. Hey there Adrasteia, I'm a Web Developer and I have a client interesting in buying the same plugin. Did you already get the 1-site license. i agree, this plugin is WAAAAY overpriced!
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