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Peak Hours On Youtube For Maximum Exposure

Discussion in 'Video & Audio Recording' started by Kevin Muldoon, Aug 3, 2016.

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  1. I was curious as to what the best times are to publish videos.

    I came across this article that was published a year and a half ago

    They noted that the best times to publish videos are:
    • Monday-Wednesday: 2pm to 4pm
    • Thursday-Friday: 12pm-3pm
    • Saturday-Sunday: 9am-11am
    One thing that isn't clear though is how demographics fit into all of this.

    Over the last 28 days YouTube states that I have received four times as much traffic from the USA than the UK.

    Would my UK traffic have been higher if I had published earlier in the day in the UK?

    Are my rankings based on how my channel does in the UK or across all the countries I generate views from? Even if I was based in the USA, the question of what time to publish at isn't clear cut as the country spans four time zones.

    From what I remember, one of the reasons PewDewPie ranked so well in the beginning was because he was Swedish and his channel was created there, he ranked well in Sweden. However, he was uploading videos from Italy, so he ranked there, and because his videos were in English he ranked well in the USA, Canada, UK etc too.

    Initially, this article appeared to point me in the right direction as to what the best times are to publish videos, but it appears to have raised more questions about how YouTube rankings work.

    I am still going to try and follow their suggestions and publish at the above times and see if it helps.

  2. I need to look at this for my FB page and group, too. I'm also thinking about my people in different parts of the world and how my posting times affect their interaction. I just moved one of my postings to 4 AM my time to see what happens. I did notice at first that some of my British members responded a little more. FB is also just really weird right now because of the presidential race and other things going on.

    I know in FB I can look at my page analytics, but I've been neglecting my page a lot because it has seemed so hard to get any unpaid views there... or to get very much. Although on the plus side, I recently surpassed 300 page likes. So that's kind of neat.

    One question... are the times above in your time zone? I agree, it really raises all kinds of questions. But it's certainly worth a try. Hopefully you'll see good results from it.
  3. One idea I just had is that you could do a video about this... and ask people in the video to answer the question, When do you usually watch videos on YouTube? Or you could ask if they would take a simple survey... You could easily make using Google.

    But having them comment would be great because you'd get that interaction.

    Anyway, maybe you could find out when YOUR people are watching...
  4. Yes I believe the times stated are for each time zone. So a UK based YouTuber should publish at those times in his timezone and someone from Singapore would post at the same times but in their timezone.

    I don't have enough of a following to do a proper survey of when people watch YouTube. I get very few comments in relation to the views I generate so the video wouldn't get much attention. Perhaps it's something for me to consider once my channel has been established, but I believe that information from YouTube is by far the most reliable source. I can check real-time views and demographics etc.
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  5. That's great that you can check real-time views and demographics on YouTube. That makes sense. :)
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