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Please give review about my first video

Discussion in 'Video & Audio Recording' started by Tarannum, Nov 3, 2015.

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  1. Hi Tarannum.

    Congrats on launching your video course.

    A few things that need to be addressed:
    • Camera Position - Whilst it is not ideal to use a laptop camera, the quality of the footage does not look bad. However, I think your course would look more professional if you changed the position of the webcam and the position of you. At the moment, you need to look down towards the camera because you the camera is located on the camera. Ideally, you should record your video through a separate webcam or camera so that you speak to the camera at eye level. Failing that, you need to position your laptop so that it is higher up and you are no longer staring down at the camera.
    • Video Background - I suggest moving your seat and desk back to the wall so that you can use the wall with white paint as your background. It will make your video look more professional if there are less objects in the background (although a professional studio also gives off a good impression).
    • Audio Quality - This is the main problem with your video. Your audio quality is not good. It is very difficult to hear you because of the buzzing from the microphone. This noise may be coming from your laptop fan. I recommend purchasing a good microphone to address this. Audio is arguably the most important aspect of producing videos so you need to get this right.
  2. Ok. Thank you kevin sir for review.

    Please suggest me about equipment. for video recording and microphone.
  3. I use the Audio Technica ATR2100. It's fairly cheap to buy.

    Blue make some good microphones too, such as the snowball and the yeti.
  4. I am worried about this laptop fan voice. Will it remove by using separate microphone?
  5. About the fan, can you turn it off during the recording and then turn it back on? That's what I try to do.

    I also use the Auditechnica 2100 and like it a lot. It comes highly recommended. Although it's nice for the video that you don't have a big microphone in front of you.

    I enjoyed your test video and am looking forward to seeing the next one. I thought you sounded good except for the fan noise as Kevin pointed out.
  6. How can I turn off laptop fan?

    Thanks for appreciation of video. I uploaded to udemy to get some motivation.
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  7. I have this laptop stand with a fan in it, and I just unplug that. If yours is different, maybe someone else will know how to turn it off.

    Exciting about uploading to udemy! :)
  8. I am talking about in built laptop fan in laptop.
  9. I have already made more than half material for the course. The work is stopped due to sound problem.
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  10. Yes... that's what I was thinking. Hmm... I wonder if you can turn it off? If it's possible with the control panel?

    One other thing is this... using an external mic will help because you can have it on a boom stand and away from your computer so it won't pick up the computer noise. That should solve it. Even using a mic with earbuds could work although not ideal. If you try that, just try to be really still and not brush or touch the mic with your hand.
  11. I just say that about the boom stand because for a while I had mine sitting on my desk and realized there was this annoying hum in there... from my computer.
  12. A microphone such as the ATR2100 should not pick up too much background noise since it is a dynamic microphone.

    Ideally, you want to record footage using a professional camera so that you do not have your laptop switched on. But unless your laptop is incredibly noisy, it should not be heard using a good microphone.
  13. Can I use microphone without connecting it with laptop? Then where will be recording stored? o_O I have not camera but samsung phone with 5 mega pixel camera. Should I use it?
  14. Hi Tarannum

    I published a video earlier this year about microphones for interviews, however in the video I cover a lot of situations. I recommend checking it out as it helps explain what you need.

    You can connect your microphone to a computer or record to a portable audio recorder. You can also connect your microphone directly to your camera if it has a microphone port or suitable adaptor.

    With regards to that Nikon camera, I am not sure of the quality of the video. No specifications of the video are given on that page.

    Some cameras do have good built-in microphones. For example, I was always pleased with the quality of the audio using my Sony action camera.
  15. Tarannum, do you mean the sound of the fan inside the laptop (the CPU/Processor fan) gets recorded too?

    That shrill noise in the video is the fan making the noise?

    Which laptop do you use? Can you usually hear the fan sound when working on it?

    Or, do you use a laptop stand which has a built-in external fan?

    BTW, great start with the course. Keep it up. :)
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    Last edited: Nov 5, 2015
    Heather, her poor laptop will get fried without a fan moving. :)

    Anyway, jokes aside, there usually IS an option to not keep the fan running all the time, when on AC power. But, it's in the BIOS.

    So, Tarannum, check in your lappy's BIOS for such an option. You can also check by disconnecting the laptop adapter, whether the fan noise goes away (that is, the fan slows down). Another option is to record your audio in an AC room (even if at a friend's house/office) and see whether the fan goes off. I once saw someone using ice cubes underneath the laptop, to stop the fan from making noise.

    As recording video needs more processor power, at some time in the videos, the fan will start again and make noise. So, it'd be best if you can use a PC to record the videos. Another option is to use an external mic as Heather suggested, and keep it away from the laptop.

    Try these tips and let us know.
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  17. Good job, I would get a nice directional mic. The noise isn't too good to have. Also add a intro you can get a fun one made at fiverr for $5 :)

    Good luck!
  18. I have ordered audio -technica. I think it is necessary. I had not good experience with fiverr. I had once ordered for landing page creation and the quality of the work was really poor.

    I will need one promo video for course. I dont plan yet but will post link on rise forum once it is ready.
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