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Please Review My Website - Web Action Centre

Discussion in 'Review My Website' started by Web Action Centre, May 29, 2016.

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  1. webactioncentre com au - Click the link in my Signature File Thanks

    Hi there Please Review My Website - Web Action Centre

    - Specifically looking for some feed back and tips on initial impressions and navigation. Are you able to get from A to B to C.

    - Is the Showcase slideshow suitable. Impact. Relevant. Good impressions?

    - Logo for me is a bit blah, I was thinking of getting someone to redo it, thoughts?

    - I wrote all content and I'm aware I need to go back through services pages and add more content and impacting images (happy for feedback there, I was thinking I should keep it simple but SEO and some others on peek.usertest saying otherwise.

    - Please review the Enquiry Form

    - I'm aware that i need some more CTA on home page that guides people through to the important Website Design or other services to Website Packages to Enquiry Form

    - I was considering adding some triggered boxes based on scroll or maybe hover over a DIV ID such the ICONS on main page for web design

    - should i make more iconography style sections on home page that support some CTA?

    - small comments like "clean and simple" are fine but I'm happy for deep discussion and thoughts

    - Currently this website is live it feels best viewed on tablet its fully responsive with mobile content still due for review as to what i remove add or change. I have currently made Custom Mobile Layout for display Phone number and logo at this stage

    - Thanks for Reviewing
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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