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Plugin That Supports Online And Location-based Services?

Discussion in 'WordPress Plugins' started by CherylStash, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone! New here. I have been searching for weeks for the right plugin to fit what I am looking to do on my site. I thought I needed a directory plugin, but none of them seem to provide a lot of support for online businesses, or providers that serve both local clients AND online clients via skype, etc. They all seem very location-focused or else the developers are advising me to have a separate category entirely for online providers, which seems cumbersome to my readers. My site features a lot of consultant-type services like baby sleep consultants, breastfeeding consultants, therapists, etc., that can: (1) come to your house, (2) have you come to their office, AND/OR (3) do skype sessions to anywhere. I want readers to be able to find ALL the available providers under one list when they search thru my directory.

    So a reader in NYC must be able to see (on the same page of results)
    - providers based in NYC
    - providers from another state who ALSO do online services with people in NYC
    - providers who ONLY do online services

    I need advertisers to be able to select:
    • City/State they do business in (if any, or blank) --> filters to specific location
    • AND online services --> filters to all locations (will charge more to these advertisers)
    • or ONLY online services --> filters to all locations (will charge more to these advertisers)
    Some therapists are only allowed to do online services in the state they are licensed in, so that may be another headache down the road but I am putting that problem off for now.

    Any suggestions for a specific plugin or some search terms so maybe I can expand my search beyond directory plugins? For example I just started looking at plugins that use "service areas" instead of exact locations, and I've also been looking at this "FacetWP" plugin that helps one add additional search filters to forms. I'd love whatever tool I use to be compatible with an events plugin also, so if a provider is teaching a class on a certain topic I can also charge them to post their event to my calendar (would love if this can be online courses or location-based courses also!) Also my husband who is a senior software engineer (but not familiar with wordpress stuff) said he can customize a plugin for me, but is this possible without running into all types of compatibility problems later on?
  2. Have you tried looking into restaurant plugins? Bear with me...

    If you look at Seamless, from the restaurant's standpoint they can offer delivery within a certain area, or pickup only. It seems that you want the same functionality, only instead of Picking up Food, it's a Skype conversation.

    A quick google search gave me the following plugin: Lazy Eater - have no idea how good the plugin itself is, but I'd imagine this would be a good starting point in your search. Once you find the right restaurant plugin, it shouldn't be too difficult to change various wordings to fit your needs.
  3. Alright thanks I will definitely give these a look!

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