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Poor Customer Service Loses Buyers

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by Kevin Muldoon, May 6, 2015.

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  1. It never ceases to surprise me when a large company has bad customer service. I recall buying a plugin from Yoast previously and their support team replied to my problem several weeks later. CloudFlare, who pride themselves on stopping attacks, took days to respond to my queries when I was actually attacked.

    More recently, I signed up to UStream to see what the interface etc was like. When I signed up, they offered me a free month of their pro service. However, since I was in South America, my internet was not quick enough or reliable enough to actually stream over UStream.

    I had only signed up to see what the interface was like, so I emailed them and asked them if they could delay my trial of the pro plan. The pro plan is $99 per month, which is a price I would be happy to pay if I started using it regularly and was getting viewers etc.

    Unfortunately, they never replied to my email. I sent the email on 14th April and got an instant reply that started:

    Thanks for contacting Ustream Support

    We provide support 7 days a week from 6am to 6pm US Pacific Time, excluding US holidays.

    During normal business hours, we can usually respond to all billing support inquiries within minutes or a few hours at most. After hours, we will respond to your inquiry the following day.
    Two days later they sent me a newsletter, however I have yet to receive any reply from them.

    I still have a little time left to try their pro plan, but the fact they have never replied to me makes me think I wouldn't want to upgrade now. I would rather just use Google Hangouts on Air. Yes, I realise there are differences between their services and I realise the chances of Google responding to an email is close to zero too, but they aren't charging me to stream in HD.

    What I don't understand is why a company would not respond to a support query from someone who they could potentially convert to a paying customer? It's bizarre. The fact that I have asked them to delay my pro trial should indicate that I am someone who could potentially upgrade.

    One of the reasons large companies such as Amazon are succeeding is because their customer support is fantastic. I have bought things from Amazon many times when it has been cheaper elsewhere; for the simple reason that I know that customer support and returns etc is great if there are any problems.

    Wish all other companies would realise this.

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  2. Really shows what a companies priorities are. Some are so big, they honestly could care less. I had an issue about the king sumo headline as it always showed zeros. Instead of getting any explanation, they simply gave a reply saying a trite "sorry" and that they would refund my money.

    Personally, makes me very wary of using the plugin.
  3. Been meaning to reply to this....

    As much as it sucks, the sad fact is a lot of "big" companies are really just a couple guys with a popular piece of software. There may be claims as to how their product is the greatest thing since sliced bread - and it very well may be - but in reality there's only 3 or 4 support reps on staff and an equal number of developers. Let's say there are 1 million developers who use their product, and 99.9% of those are satisfied customers. As great as that sounds, that leaves 1000 people looking for support from a VERY small group of people, the simple fact is it will take them some time to reply to them all.

    Looking at UStream, it appears there are approximately 250 employees (242 on LinkedIn, I would bet most employees have an account) to satisfy 80 MILLION users.
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  4. Sometimes I think it's worse than that, Ko. I swear, I truly believe some of these sites are run by college interns who haven't even finished their first semester!! I mean, it's really, really bad. From one very popular site, I received April's newsletter three days before May.

    And I'm not even kidding about that.
  5. Sorry to hear about your troubles, Kevin. On the other side of the coin, I think I scare people away with my availability and fast responses. So take heart that some of us are doing our jobs! ;)
  6. I haven't been too impressed by King Sumo either. Their competition plugin is way too expensive and it is rarely updated.

    You could be right, though their initial response suggests that I would get a reply within a few hours. Looks like my query slipped through the net.

    I do appreciate that if a company makes a product free, support to free users is a low priority.

    Good to hear. Good support can make or break a small companies. I always appreciate it when a small company makes the effort to provide good support.
  7. The other options out there I'm aware of are Gleam.io and Contest Domination. Do you know of others?

    One advantage with the KS giveaway plugin is that it is only a 1-time purchase. That said, trying to run multiple contests has a low ROI. Unless you have multiple outlets (e.g. tapping into Reddit), your audience only knows so many other new people to reach. And from what I've studied and experienced, it is best to do one big prize vs. many small ones.
  8. Had some similar experiences with other companies too @Kevin Muldoon.

    One of them was Media Temple - their support has definitely gone down hill recently. Started off pretty good.

    This is exactly why I love hosting with Traffic Planet Hosting. most issues are responded to within 10 minutes, fixed in 30.

    With Media Temple I've had wait times upwards of 20 hours for a single response, getting a particular issue resolved took over a week. And for an issue that kept crashing my site, that's crazy.

    Totally agree with you on Amazon, initially their support wasn't too great if I remember rightly, but that was years ago, now their support is awesome. I've had responses via email within 30 minutes.
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