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Pressable New Prices : Any Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Hosting & Domains' started by Leo Koo, Apr 23, 2016.

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  1. Hey guys!

    I found that Pressable are now on new prices with much better page views. Any thoughts? Was thinking of moving my tech site over for their one-click staging. Or should I instead consider SiteGround and/or GoDaddy's Managed WordPress hosting? Appreciate your thoughts!

    I'm currently on ASmallOrange for their 4GB, 50GB SSD VPS plan. :)
  2. Aren't you a more hands on guy Leo?

    Personally, I believe these managed WordPress hosting services only offer value for money if you really don't know what you are doing with hosting and have no need to make changes etc.

    I'd find their simplistic services and the fact many options are removed to be incredibly frustrating.

    What's ASmallOrange like?
  3. haha, @Kevin! Yes, I'm kinda hands on. But after reading through Content Inc, I decided to focus on content marketing first (while taking time to build the SaaS thingy) and less on the terminal.

    ASO's good, had some downtime last month as they were upgrading the servers and had someone wipe out some files, causing clusters of servers to go down. Other than that, it's pretty solid and better than most other EIG properties. I'm on their 2x RAM and 2x bandwidth, making them about the same as Digital Ocean, except they come managed as well. :)

    Having spoken about content marketing, I was just talking to a today, and their site (www.says.com) is seeing yearly revenues of MYR 25 million (USD 6.2 mil)! Definitely inspiring stuff, and something I hope my tech site can one day achieve :)

    Oh btw, if you're a high volume WordPress site, you can consider WordPress VIP. It's only USD 5k/mo for unlimited visitors and page views!
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  4. $5,000 per month for website hosting is not something I need to worry about for a long time :)
  5. As I'm on managed hosting, I'm a bit offended by that! :cry::ROFLMAO:

    I like being on managed hosting because it's set up to be exactly that...managed. I like having somebody who I can ring and talk about WordPress (slight disclaimer, I'm lunch buddies with the guy who manages my managed hosting, so I get 6* service!), and their setup is better than anything I could ever build!
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  6. Hey @Rhys Wynne ! Which managed hosting are you on? :) And what do you think, should i switch my main site from ASO to Pressable?
  7. I guess my comment was a bit generalised. I do appreciate some need a specific setup and some need to speak to someone on the phone etc.

    I have experience with two managed WordPress hosting companies and neither impressed me.

    I tried to help out a friend sort a problem out with his website. He had an expensive plan with WP Engine that cost over $100 and gave you the same resources as a $15 VPS.

    When you pay such a high premium for a managed service, you deserve good support. Did he receive it? In my opinion, no. They provided little functionality for me to help resolve the problem. When I tried to import his database from his backup we were stopped because the file upload limit applied was set at 2MB. That's ridiculous.

    So I opened a support ticket and asked them to increase the file upload limit and it took them over six hours to respond. That is terrible service in my opinion. WP Engine have also been known to modify customer databases and remove data such as old post revisions without the website owner's permission.

    I experienced the same kind of thing with Synthesis when I decided to give them a try. They remove practically all options and their response times were terrible.

    People go on about how bad HostGator etc are for hosting, but at least companies such as BlueHost respond to support tickets in minutes, and not in hours. Neither do they charge five times more than what others are charging for support.

    Perhaps I was just unlucky, but I never saw anything from those companies to justify the additional cost they charged.
  8. Kevin, I've heard the same about WP Engine. We've a couple of sites hosted with them and they aren't great. Support is easily the hardest thing to scale, and WP Engine are pretty poor unless you know where you're going for support. Not many people do though!

    Hi Leo :) - I'm with 34SP.com. I like them as they're round the corner from me in Manchester (and also I'm lunch buddies with the platform lead!). Admittedly though as well as this support is handled by tickets, phone calls and they've started playing around with Slack for it as well (which works really scarily well). I've not tried Pressable so I cannot comment.
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