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PressBackup : A worthy backup solution?

Discussion in 'WordPress Plugins' started by Leo Koo, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. Hey guys! I just found PressBackup today. Any thoughts on the service? I do admit, the site could look better.
  2. Seems like a good service for people who want to backup a website cheaply. Their free plan that offers up to 250mb storage is great for small websites.
  3. Hearing first time about it, seems like a great service. But you'd be better off using a premium & well known service such as BlogVault or VaultPress.

    Alternatively, you can also use a backup plugin such as WordPress Backup to Dropbox, which won't cost you anything, if you can manage your Dropbox account :).
  4. Indeed. :) already on Vaultpress. But these guys could use a lift in business
  5. That's the easiest and best free backup solution.
  6. I was using VaultPress until a week ago when my site crashed and realized that VaultPress does not backups all the files from WordPress to do a proper restore. After 3 days going back and forward with both automatic and manual restores using the service, I decided to drop it.

    Recently I have opted by signing up to CodeGuard, and it works smoothly. Even thus they might seem pricey if you consider paying $20 USD/month to DropBox for instance (if you have a large site) instead of signing up for their annual plan; it be more expensive. Regarding backups to Google Drive, those are also possible, but you should be aware that Google Drive does not accept all files extensions, you might end up with a partial backup.

    My personal recommendation would be CodeGuard as their service also keeps track of file changes. I have CodeGuard combined with iThemes Security (which also backups MySQL) for an extra layer of security and backup options.

    I am not quite sure about DropBox option to keep track of backups, as the last time I did some tests, it backed up my site overriding files already previous sent to their storage, meaning I did not have a restore option of day 1st, but always from the latest backup performed. Again, CodeGuard works as a time machine giving you the option to restore the backups based on timestamps.
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  7. What files does VaultPress not backup? Are you referring to non-WordPress files and directories?

    CodeGuard is a great service and they have a reputation for providing good support. I have a lot of additional storage in Dropbox, but it is not something I have tried yet. I use VaultPress for my blog and Amazon S3 to back up all my websites on a regular basis via my hosting control panel.
  8. Enter VaulPress and for instance, opt by downloading the backup. I think you will quickly get aware of this, or, as described elsewhere:

    "Here’s what’s included or not included in VautPress backups (which are incremental, by the way).

    • VaultPress backs up only WordPress database tables with unique/primary keys.
    • All database tables which have standard WordPress prefix are backed up (the prefix is set in the $table_prefix variable of the wp-config.php file)
    • Tables that are not indexed in real-time, are not included in VaultPress real-time (hourly) backups. For example, WooCommerce tables are not backed up in real-time (hourly).
    • And not all folders and files are backed up, but only in your plugins, themes, and media library uploads folders, as well as some files from the WordPress installation folder and wp-content folder. The list of backed up files is here.
    • Besides, WordPress core files, as well as files modifications and other user files, service files (e.g. authentication files for Bing, SEO tools, payment systems etc) and even folders or files created by some plugins are not included in backups.
    • You can add custom folders to backup upon request.
    • This is enough to restore your WordPress website on a basic level, but user and service files, as well as files or folders that are outside of the specified folders are not included in backups.

    It means that some plugins may not work (or lose data saved by them) after the backup is restored.

    VaultPress does not allow you to set up what you want to backup. So, on the one hand it’s easy for a user, but on the other hand it leaves the user in unawareness (or even in a false feeling) of what is really backed up.

    By the way, in order to restore a backup of your website created with VaultPress you need to have a working WordPress installation which should be accessible via the Internet.

    Also, if you make copies of your files when experimenting with WordPress (e.g. modifying css, php or settings files), or if your WordPress plugins use their own folders, or if you have some configuration or authentication files needed for external services (e.g. for monitoring or analyzing your site), then expect that VaultPress will not back them up.

    Here’s an example of a sad experience of a client which was a result of unawareness of what VaultPress backs up.

    According to my backup classification above, this is the lowest A1:B1 class.
    Thus, in my opinion, this kind of backups can’t not provide a peace of mind, because there are big chances that something vital is not included in the backups. And if such backup is restored after your website was broken due to any reason, there’s no guarantee that your website will be fully functional after restore. This is a monstrous NO-GO to me if I want a peace-of-mind backup solution for my website."

    Hope it helps.
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  9. I didn't realise those things were not backed up. I use VaultPress as a fail safe to allow me to restore my website quickly and Amazon S3 is the proper full back up of my website. Still, it is slightly disappointing that the whole database is not backed up. I'm curious as to why they take this position.

    I have been using VaultPress for years, but I tested CodeGuard for a review and was impressed with their system too. So I could never rule out moving away from VaultPress because of the reasons you outlined. I will need to look into the issue further to see what VaultPress is and is not backing up on my website.
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  10. I dropped the service a few weeks ago because after attempting 3 restores from different days, the site was still offline because parts of it were missing. When I manually did the restore using their backup, the site went live but all the settings were gone. So my option was to use my GitHub backup (I synchronize Atom with the live VPS directly to a GitHub Repository) and finally, get it up and running with all settings restored and ready to go.

    Amazon S3 is indeed, a real option, although we are not using it mostly because since my company is paying GitHub, and I have the backups done from VPS to desktop that automatically backups to Google Drive and GitHub at the same time using a wicked Atom and Google Drive for Desktop setup, something I came up with to make it easier to have the files locally stored and at hand to edit and save on all ends (VPS/GitHub/Google Drive) without worrying about it. I know, it sounds confusing, trust me, the setup actually works.
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  11. I always use Dropbox and Xpnd Buddy by ThemeXpand. If you don't have much technical knowledge or you are scared to touch in anything regarding coding or database, then use it, because Xpand Buddy will do everything to copy or clone or migrate any WordPress site. Xpand Buddy will create a Database for you too. Interesting matter is, its free and maintain in Github, so that everyone can contribute on it.
  12. The latest I've checked out is BackupBuddy 7.0 with Stash Live :) It works well and backed up all my files on WPStarters.com. Plus the BackupBuddy license is lifetime!
  13. I was just about to recommend VaultPress to a client. Good that I read this.

    Now, I'll tell them it's easy as a click, but that he needs a working WP installation, to restore to.

    Will let them know about CodeGuard too.
  14. I have used VaultPress for probably over 5 years. But just migrated all my sites to CodeGuard last month. Very happy and cheaper too if you have a lot of sites.
  15. Hi Shameem,

    You missed My WP Backup Pro, but anyway, it's a bad plugin with bad support people, as per my experience.

    I used this backup plugin from My Theme Shop, called My WP Backup Pro.

    It gave SOOO many problems with all the sites I used it on, and their support was (opposite to what I heard here and elsewhere), so unresponsive for weeks, that I got frustrated and asked for money back.

    They're selling an alpha release, not a properly working plugin. After a long time, their response was that it will work in the next iteration. And, two iterations later, it still didn't solve any problems. It just doesn't work.

    As you said, I had purchased the plugin because it seemed a one time purchase as opposed to a subscription service.
  16. Does anyone here have any experience using a script to backup cPanel, auto using CRON jobs?
  17. @Raspal I backup to Amazon S3 via the WHM. There should be an option to set this up available via your WHM admin area.

    Let me know if you are unsure of how to do it.
  18. I found another solution - ManageWP. Had tried it when they started, but got a 5 site account with them now. Got it after reading your post on ET, and @enstine 's review. :D

    They have an option to backup and upload to S3, as you know. They already backed up my sites since last few days.

    I was looking for an FTP backup space, where I could use a script with CRON, but either FTP space is very pricey, or good hosts don't give this option.

    Anyway, am covered for now. MWP is gonna switch to Orion, soon.
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