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Problems That We Are Going to Address on Rise Forums

Discussion in 'Community Announcements' started by Kevin Muldoon, Nov 23, 2015.

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  1. I have installed the country flag add-on. Thanks again to Alex for the suggestion.

    The add-on should add a flag the next time a member logs in. Therefore, if you see a member without a flag next to their name, it means that they have not logged into Rise Forums since it was installed (i.e. as I write this).

    Which of these three positions do you think is the best placement for the country flag?


    On a site note, I cannot wait until people who sign up with western names start displaying flags from Asia haha ;)
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  2. I think that the 3rd from left to right looks better, this if you consider adding more features there it makes sense, and no need to thank me.
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  3. hahaha doesn't seem to be an option. It just automatically assigns you flags based on your location. Not too big a deal. :)
  4. I mostly use Rise through Tapatalk, which doesn't display any information other than Username and a profile pic. Would it be possible to place the embed the flag inside the profile pic (like option #1), so mobile users can still see the country of origin? If so, depending on configurability, you could do that for Mobile/Tapatalk users, and Option #3 for Desktop users.
  5. I do enjoy the flags, not the fact it turned me into Colombian... but it is a necessary evil. I guess I will enter into many disputes saying "I am Portuguese!" and people replying "it says right there your country is Colombia!" :droid:
  6. I think you're half-right: a Portuguese living in Columbia! :p
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  7. What about just showing country name (textual format only), like below :

    Or like this

    Finally, It may be in one line
  8. Placing it on member avatars would not change anything on Tapatalk as the images are added using CSS. Tapatalk uses its own styling and simply retrieves data from the database etc. They do not use any styling from the desktop version of the forum.

    It could be possible to do that, though I believe images look better. Is there any reason why you would prefer text to a flag? :)
  9. I like the text more than images. Anyway this depends on personnel choice. The flag images look like button, you can replace it with more flat images
  10. I will have a look to see if there are better images available.

    It's worth noting that if you scroll over the flag image, the country name is displayed.
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  11. I like the little flags! And I like how when you scroll over it, it does show the name. :)
  12. I love the flags, adds a bit of colour to the sidebar :)
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