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Problogger Job Board Puts Its Prices Up

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by Kevin Muldoon, Oct 26, 2016.

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  1. Looks like Darren Rowse is increasing the cost of an ad on the ProbBlogger job board from $50 to $70. He's also adding featured ad listings at $100.

    The fact that the featured ad listing is only $30 more makes me think that a lot of advertisers are going to pay extra for a featured ad which means that regular $70 listings will be pushed down.


    As you may know we have recently relaunched the ProBlogger Job Board with many improvements, including:

    • your own Employer Dashboard to manage your company profile, job postings and applicants
    • an improved user interface and search options to make your job listings easier to find and easier for the right candidates to respond
    The new and improved job board is attracting more listings and more applicants and we have had great feedback from both employers and job seekers on how much better the job board looks and functions.

    While we have maintained the old job board price of $50 for an introductory period (which is the same price we have charged for the last ten years!), as of 1st of November 2016 the price for a single job listing will be $70.

    You will still be able to access the $50 job listing rate by purchasing our 10-ad package. We will also have a 5-ad package for $60 per listing - a 20% discount. You can use these job listing credits at any time.

    We are also introducing featured ads for $100 which will position your ad most prominently among the increased number of listings.

    To ensure you can access the new benefits and discount packages mentioned, make sure you register and create your company profile for free. You'll see the new price and packages in your Memberships section of your Employer Dashboard from 01 November 2016.

    You will find instructions on how to use the new job board on our FAQs page.

    We hope you enjoy the improved functionality of the new job board. If you find any bugs or have any questions please send an email to [email protected].

    Darren & the ProBlogger Team
    I'm a big fan of the board as it's the best place to find bloggers for a project, however it needs more moderation. I have tweeted to Darren before about how it needs improved.

    For example, they need to force advertisers to give a ballpark figure on how much they pay. One of the reasons I stopped using the board as a blogger was because website owners would mess applicants around. They would make them jump through lots of hoops and fill in application forms etc and then at the end tell you the job pays $0.02 per word.

    They really need to disclose roughly how much a job pays so that people aren't applying for jobs that aren't suitable. This helps the website owners too as it means they aren't wasting their time talking to people who won't accept a low rate.

    Do any of you guys use the job board?


  2. I do. But less and less because I have the exact same criticism as you. It sucks to put real thought into a pitch email, only to be met by an offer to write for pennies.

    If I knew I had a chance at a well-paying gig, I would be happy to put the time into writing a thoughtful email. Otherwise, the ROI just isn't there.
  3. Yeah. That's pretty much the same everywhere unfortunately - I don't know many jobs listed on boards that isn't listed as "Competitive".

    It would be good to have a ballpark figure.
  4. The one that's even worse than "competitive" is "we value our writers and make sure you're compensated well" followed by a 3 cents/word offer.
  5. Yeah it's frustrating. It makes sense for both parties for compensation to be declared up front.
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