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Productivity for writers and bloggers

Discussion in 'Productivity' started by Raspal, Feb 19, 2016.

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  1. As a writer/blogger, you need to write the first thing in the morning or when starting the computer.

    But, many shiny apps take you away from this goal.

    I recently came to know about this free app known as Writers Block.

    It's a simple text editor which itself blocks anything other than itself until you write the no. of words you set, or until a pre-defined time. No installation required. It's less than 1 MB download. Try it.
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  2. Looks like a useful tool.

    Yeah distraction can be a hindrance if you need to complete an article. I find it difficult to use applications like that because I normally have lots of tabs open in my browser to help me prepare the article. Articles to reference, notes etc.
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  3. Yes, we power users seem to keep lots of tabs open. The other day the tabs were more than 50. Felt lost in the crowd. :)

    So what I did was to use OneTab. The extension is now also available for Firefox. Previously it was only available for Chrome.

    Another thing to do is to separate research from writing. Apps like EverNote/OneNote can help in this.
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  4. I hear of one tool/app which starts deleting words if you've not written a certain amount in a certain time.
  5. That's one bad, unproductive tool!

    Putting a timed goal is fine, but losing your hard work is not!

    I wonder who created such a tool to fool. Deleting your words is not kool. This is a dangerous tool.
  6. Agreed.

    Add in WordPress crashing and your server going down and you would be fully justified to start smashing your computer up!
  7. It would keep you on your toes though!

    I heard of a great tool where you could set up productivity bets. You state your goal, like 2000 words, or 10 push-ups a day, and set your wager, like $100.

    Then if you don't log that you did it, the money is automatically paid out to someone. Obviously it comes down to being honest, but it's a nice idea.

    I could never find the service/tool when looking but it did sound good.

    Even simple emailing, like buddying up with someone, then agreeing each day to send them an email before you go to bed stating whether or not you've reached your goal for the day, could be motivating.

    It would have to be someone you know so you would feel bad lying to them I guess!
  8. Yes, this can work since there's financial pressure to complete the goal too, in addition to social pressure. Better to have more than a few for this to work, though.

    Neville Medhora of kopywritingcourse.com did such a one month coding challenge, last April.
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