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Recommended Hosting For A Number Of Small Sites

Discussion in 'Hosting & Domains' started by Rhys Wynne, Dec 8, 2016.

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  1. Hi everybody :)

    I have a number of small, fairly quiet sites that ideally I want to host somewhere easy and cheap. Right now they're on a $5/month Digital Ocean hosting that unfortunately is prone to going down a bit, and being a VPS means I'm the one responsible for it.

    Ideally I want something that is fairly reliable, not too expensive, but can host multiple sites. Ideally something I don't want to setup too much (WHM and cpanel would be ideal).

    Any recommendations?
  2. How important are the websites?

    Would you be happy to host them on a cheap shared hosting account, or do you need VPS hosting or cloud hosting?

    Also, do you have an idea of budget?

  3. Obviously I am a little biased. But for small cheap hosting I have actually had pretty good experiences with SiteGround. They at least utilize NGINX, HTTP/2, Free SSL. Everything a good host should. If you want something with support and are on a budget, that's the route I recommend. I think their middle plan supports multiple sites.

    And of course, once the sites are large enough... Kinsta is the away to go *cough *cough. :p
  4. @Rhys Wynne did you try ServerPilot to manage multiple sites on DigitalOcean? It's time saver. Even the free plan.
  5. Yeah

    I suspect this is causing the issue. I think. It's not doing the updates as promised.

    Two are semi important. The rest are just landing pages.

    Cheap hosting is fine for them.

    I'm not sure. DO is $5/month. $15/month would probably be my max for them.
  6. Oooh! Their middle plan looks very good. I may see if they would handle the transfer of the sites too ;)
  7. You've got me thinking Rhys.

    At the moment I have everything set up under a dedicated server. I'm debating whether to host my personal blog on a dedicated website and Rise Forums on another; with all of my other websites on a completely different setup. It's probably more hassle than it's worth doing that as few hosting companies offer DDoS protection.
  8. I've been really happy with SiteGround. I don't get a lot of traffic to my sites cause I'm not really working but my portfolio site loads in ~1 second for USA traffic and I haven't experienced any downtime yet.

    Their support is also friendly and easy to get ahold of. When I hit the big times I'll go Kinsta, but for now SiteGround is great :)

    If your current sites are on cPanel they'll migrate all of them, not sure about other setups.
  9. Check out NearlyFreeSpeech - for the money (it's basically pennies per site), I'll wager you'll not find better! :)

    p.s. Don't normally do this (so hope it'll be allowed), but I actually have a post on this: http://winningwp.com/nearlyfreespeech-web-hosting-review/ (although granted I didn't actually write it myself). I have used NearlyFreeSpeech myself though: to host a number of very small sites a few years back, and do very much believe in them).
  10. Thanks! I'll check these out :)
  11. Hi Mustaasam, Cloudways looks very promising, indeed.

    I am working on a business idea, setting up a german language community site targeting small business owners and solopreneurs to help them get their online marketing up and running.

    I myself have no clue about php, HTML and the inner workings of WordPress and don't have any plans to acquire this knowledge soon... ;-) I just want a wicked fast site, probably on a Genesis theme in combination with forum software.

    How does cloudways handles support issues if something with a site goes wrong?
    Do they offer "fully managed service" and -troubleshooting like other managed hosters like Pagely.com, WPengine.com or Kinsta.com offer?
  12. Hi @Rudolf
    Thanks for your kind words. :)

    We manage the server completely and provide a basic level support for applications. Like, if something happened to your site, or it's not working due to some reasons. You can contact our 24x7 live chat support. They are always helpful.
    I'm hoping the code is error free ;)
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