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Relaunching An Old Site - What To Do With Old Content?

Discussion in 'SEO & PPC Marketing' started by Colin Newcomer, Oct 15, 2016.

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  1. Somewhat long story incoming :)

    I have this site about graphic t-shirts: http://www.troundup.com/

    Years ago, this site did really well, but then it got slapped around by Google a bit and I lost focus on it. Now, I want to completely relaunch it with a different design and somewhat different concept. Go more for large listicles of themed shirts than individual t-shirts.

    My question is - what do I do with all my old content? I've got over a 1,000 posts, but the majority are 6+ years old and probably not relevant anymore (t-shirt shops go under and change stock all the time, so lots of shirts won't be available for sale 6 years later).

    It doesn't get a ton of traffic - maybe 50 visits a day. But some posts have backlinks that I wouldn't want to lose.

    But at the same time - this content doesn't fit into the new concept. So I don't really have any desire to include it beyond SEO.

    Should I just completely relaunch with fresh content and 301 all the old blog post URLs to the home page? Or should I try to keep it around somehow?

    Would love some opinions 'cause I'm a bit stuck on this one.
  2. I'd probably try and keep the content that is ranking and generate traffic. What does GWT/Analytics say? The other I would get rid.

    Maybe if the content is out of date you can put it in a category and put a header on it? I do something the same here - http://www.colwynbayfc.co.uk/players/ade-akinbiyi/
  3. Hmm that's an interesting idea. Thanks!

    There's only about 10 posts getting >20 visits/month. The rest is hundreds of posts each getting 1-2 visits a month haha.

    The bigger issue is that I don't think the quality/style matches what I want for the new site. So I don't particularly want it to be reachable from the front page.
  4. You can always move it to sub domain like old.site.com and then 301 redirect to avoid losing backlinks. (I'm not sure if it makes sense though) :)
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