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Researching a PPC Campaign

Discussion in 'SEO & PPC Marketing' started by Kevin Muldoon, Nov 27, 2013.

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  1. I am keen on promoting RiseForums through a pay per click service. In the past, I have always found that you are blind at the start of a PPC campaign. You know the keywords and you know the cost of those keywords. This allows you to work out roughly how many clicks you will get for a specified budget. The problem is that you do not know how well a PPC campaign will convert until you actually run it.

    For example, a membership for Rise Forums costs $97 and to cover my costs etc, I don't want to spend more than $50 to bring in one member. If I can manage to find good keywords for $1, I need at least one click in every fifty to convert; which means I need a conversion rate of 2% to break even. I obviously will not know the true conversion rate of a PPC campaign until I actually make the campaign live.

    Anyone who has tried PPC knows that you can burn through money very quickly if you don't set things up correctly. My idea was to perhaps look at cheaper keywords and start small and then tweak it from there. There is a temptation to try cheaper traffic sources like 7Search too...however the conversion rate may be considerably lower. How much lower? I don't know. If the conversion rate of a PPC service such as 7Search is half that of AdWords, it is still worthwhile if the costs are more than half the price.

    I have tried PPC marketing many times and know how everything works. Though I'm far from being an expert on the subject. I'd love to hear from those of you who have more experience in this area.

  2. Check this review/tutorial http://www.matthewwoodward.co.uk/reviews/buzzbundle-review-how-i-drive-traffic-to-my-blog/ maybe it will work for you.
    And maybe instead of running PPC campaign you should consider buying WordPress bundle at BuySellAds. Also check fiverr gigs like tweet to 100k followers for $5, it's worth trying.
    Last month I had a long phone talk with polish Google's marketer about AdWords and at the end he told me that if I'd like to get any targeted traffic then it'll cost at least 2500PLN ($750) per month. So I said 'no thanks'. To be clear, it wasn't talk about 87studios, we were talking about my employer's website.
  3. Thanks for that Kris. I had never heard of BuzzBundle before. It looks pretty good. Yahoo Answers is not something I have tried before but it looks like it could be a good source of traffic. I'm curious as to how long Matthew is spending every day promoting articles in that way.

    BuySellAds is something I will definitely look at soon. I have banners set up on Kevin Muldoon. What I need to do is add an advertising plugin that the number of impressions and clicks to Rise Forums. I can then look at how many visits it takes on average for someone to convert. Once I know that, I can then look at advertising on other blogs.
  4. He uses BuzzBundle one hour every day :)
  5. Thanks. I must have missed him saying that. One hour a day isn't too bad considering the traffic he is receiving.
  6. hi kev, i'm doing really well with linkedin ppc right now, but it's for a corporate client and is very high-end so i'm not sure if it would be much use for this.

    it's great for 'real world' niches because you can choose the exact job titles you want to target. and i'm getting clicks at 30% the price of adwords (i'm running both at once.)

    feel free to skype/hangout me though if you want to ask about it.
  7. Definitely mate. I'd be up for that. LinkedIn sounds like a good place to advertise as there are a lot of busy people who want help with their businesses. So what sort of price range are you getting?
  8. it's insane kev, i'm getting £0.42 clicks for a product that makes my client £11,000 profit! (this is paying by impressions - the cpc on linkedin is a minimum of £1.50)

    they also have really cool internal lead collection system which lets people who click on the ads ask to be followed up via linkedin... this is converting at 8% of clicks (and doesn't include any leads you get direct through your landing page from people who don't choose to be followedup)
  9. Wow. £11,000 profit. I'm clearly in the wrong business. Sounds like impressions is the best way to go. £1.50 is quite expensive and makes LinkedIn CPC unsuitable for many types of promotions.

    Eleven grand though. If you can scale that up for them, they will make a fortune.
  10. yeah, i just get them leads, then they have a sales team work on them. i'm seriously considering offering to do sales for them because i know the commission is big.
  11. What's involved? Is it just chatting to people on the phone or would you be going to businesses to chat to them directly. If you know the product well enough, you should be able to close some deals. Don't see why they would refuse you the chance of doing that if you can bring them in a lot of business.
  12. probably just phone. i don't know the product or niche but could pick it up pretty quickly i think.

    so you might try linkedin for promoting riseforums? there are lots of ways to target people but good ones for you are:
    job titles
    skills (this might be good for beginner MMO type people who have day jobs )
    groups (that they're a member of on linkedin)
  13. I am not sure which way to go yet. I may have to just try a few different methods and see what works and what doesn't. At the moment I am hoping to recruit more affiliates.

    The groups idea sounds good. It would be good to target a group that was related to website development or wordpress.
  14. Check out managewp.org
    I shared Rise Forums reviews and got some clicks :)
    And maybe you should invite Matt and he'll put some ideas on how to get traffic and new members.
  15. Do you mean Matt Mullenweg? Rise Forums hasn't (so far) been marketed as a WordPress forum. I know most of us here do use WordPress, however I wanted the forum to be somewhere where we can talk about all aspects of internet marketing.

    I'll email Jeff from WPTavern about this. If Matt was to cover this site, it would be on there anyways?

  16. I was thinking about Matthew Woodward ;) He's quite familiar with SEO and internet marketing.
  17. Ahh. Sorry. My bad. I actually emailed him about the forum but he said his time was limited. I am sure if a few other people emailed him and asked him, he would reconsider. :)
  18. Thought I would chime in on this... Everything I run is about 95% AdWords/Bing PPC but over the last couple months I have dove into Facebook PPC quite a bit and was pleasantly surprised. I'm sure you have all read John Loomer's articles. I just wrote a blog post about this yesterday in fact: http://okaymarketing.com/increased-facebook-advertising-ctr-5-lowered-cpc/ Currently have some campaigns with a CTR of 8% and converting at about 5%. And the best part is some of the campaigns have a CPC of around $0.25. Can't get anywhere near that low of a CPC running AdWords (depending on your niche). It takes a while to get the hang of FB PPC, but once you do it can be a great tool as long as you monitor your ROI. My blog post above has quite a few tips I had to learn the hard way... Might be worth a look for you! And the best part about Facebook PPC is you can start with any size budget. Make sure to run your ads as news feeds ads (Mobile + Desktop) and not CPM... go manual CPC.

    And don't forget to install the conversion pixel...
  19. I spent a lot on Facebook ads last year ($20k+). Click prices have increased by a lot since then. For my own websites, I have always tried to generate more page likes rather than clicks so that I could generate more traffic long term. Not sure if that is always the best thing to do as Facebook's page reach is pretty poor. Still, Facebook users are very responsive to ads.

    I've actually read many articles from people saying that if you optimise a CPM campaign correctly, the overall cost is much lower. However, every time I tried CPM, I just burned the money and got nothing in return.

    I'm keen to increase likes to my personal blog's Facebook page. Currently have around 350 likes. Could be worth investing some money and trying to get a few thousand. Then from there I could try and increase likes organically through sharing etc.

    I've yet to set up pixel tracking either. I'd love to try that out to see how conversions track in a campaign.
  20. Ya, I wish I would have dove into Facebook sooner.. the CPC is just going to keep inflating, just like AdWords has. I just saw an infographic somewhere today that some AdWords keywords (none of which are in my niche) are starting out at around a minimum of $40-50 CPC for top of page. That is just crazy!

    As far as advertising, I am talking more about actually running campaigns, almost like AdWords specifically for conversions. I have campaigns setup in FB very similar to my AdWords campaign. Right now they are all about generating leads (web form submissions). This is very easy to track with the FB conversion pixel. You could do a similar thing with a shopping cart purchase, etc. I have also heard a ton of praise about CPM, but after all the tests I ran, it was like you said, just burning money.

    I love getting likes on a Facebook page, but just not being able to track the ROI on it is what kills it for me.
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