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Review my website

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Kris Hoja, Nov 20, 2013.

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  1. I would be nice with section where site owners will put links to their websites and other member will post reviews what they like and what they dislike about that website. It could be a great way of improving our own blogs, as here we have a lot of high authority site owners.
    It would be also a great section for newbies - they will be able to learn what steps are required (besides good content) to have a promising blog.
    And we can learn from each other by asking questions like:
    'Dude, your sidebar social widget is cool, how did you do that'
    We could share thoughts what can be improved etc.
    I hope you all get the point because I can't explain it better.

  2. Good idea Kris.

    I was actually thinking of creating a discussion room just for beginners, however I am not sure we need such a thing as any relevant questions can be posted in the relevant name (i.e. if they are unsure about registering a domain, they could post in the domains and hosting room).

    I am conscious of the fact that too many forum rooms can have a negative effect on a forum; however I do think that a Review My Website discussion room has value. I have added the room. :)

  3. Great then.
    And beginners can ask questions in relevant room, I think there is no need to create extra one for them.
  4. Yes I agree. The forum will evolve as more members arrive. There is no need at this point for creating dozens of rooms. It will just make it more difficult to find relevant threads :)
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