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Rise Forums Gets A Lick Of Paint

Discussion in 'Community Announcements' started by Kevin Muldoon, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. As you can see, Rise Forums has a new forum design. I hope you all like it.

    In this thread I would like to talk about the new design and some other changes to the forum.

    New Logo & Forum Design

    Rise Forums moderators will vouch for the fact that I have been looking to change the logo and forum design for Rise Forums for a long time.

    The previous logo was designed by myself. As someone with a poor eye for design, it was never something I liked.

    I always find the process of getting a new design created a pain and this time was no different. Designs provided by two designers were poor so I spent weeks trailing through logo creations. The whole process was starting to drag on and I was getting very annoyed about it all.

    I eventually chose the logo you see today. It's not the ultimate logo I was craving, but it should do for now and stop me from pulling my hair out.

    The last design was based upon the default XenForo forum design. I simply modified it with my own colour scheme.

    This time I have opted for a more professional design. I think it is a big improvement.

    I still have to make some modifications to the theme. I'm currently speaking to the developers about resolving a host of little problems, however I wanted to get it online quicker as the main tasks have been completed.

    If you see any other gremlins in the system that need addressed, let me know and I will add it to my list of issues that need addressed.

    Sign Up Fee

    One of the problems that Rise Forums faced was spam. This was a problem that every community faces on a daily basis.

    To combat spam I added a variety of anti-spam plugins and other tools. These tools made registering on Rise Forums a real pain in the ass and they only provided limited success as spammers continued to sign up.

    To combat this I introduced a small sign up fee of $10 about a month ago. This fee is only applicable to new members signing up to Rise Forums.

    Without a doubt a small sign up fee will reduce the total number of new members registering on the forum every month, however I consider this move to be an astounding success. It pretty much eliminated spam over night.

    Therefore, whilst we may see the total number of new members decreasing, we should see a higher quality of members being attracted to the forum.


    Advertising is something I have always been hesitant of adding to Rise Forums as I know the forum is still growing. I also know that many people do not like ads.

    Though I do have to look at ways to generate income as the forums run at a total loss and always have done.

    It's a difficult situation websites such as this find themselves in. Every year we are seeing more and more people use ad blockers yet these same people refuse to pay for anything.

    Despite this, I want to see how ads will perform so I have added a couple of adsense banners to the forum to see what impressions and click through rates are like. I can then make a decision as to whether that is the best way to monetise the forum in the future.

    What Say You?

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new forum design.

    Do you think it is improvement?

    It sometimes takes a while to become familiar with how a new forum design looks and works but I am sure you will get used to it quickly :)

    Thanks guys.

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  2. I love the new look! :)
  3. Thanks Kris. There's a couple of little things that I need to fix but it's ready to go. Looks a lot more professional in my opinion :)

    I forgot to say. What's your opinion of the sticky navigation menu that is displayed when you scroll down the page? Useful or annoying?
  4. I like it, Kevin! I'm in a rush, but... I like the rainbow-y colors of the logo. This is terrible, but I can't remember the old logo, except I think it was yellow, red, and... orange? or blue?

    Also, I think I'd like it better if the "I" in Rise didn't have the serifs on it. Is that to draw attention to it, or is it just a coincidence? Just my personal preference.

    I also was going to tell you that I noticed recently there's been a decrease in spam. Hooray!!!! That's awesome. I wasn't sure what you'd done, but I'm glad it's working. I hope good people still sign up.

    I had another idea that instead of the clouds/sky, maybe you could put stars/moon or something spacey... I guess we're rising to the sky? I like the sky, but I like stars and space better. I think it would look cool, too. Plus, the stars are farther than the sky.

    In general, I like it! I feel like my website now looks so dated, and you know what? I STILL don't have a logo. I might ask you about that... I feel like I'd like to get one soon.

    :) Hooray for a new design!
  5. I'd change header background to something else, but can't say what :)

    I like sticky navs, but here it isn't working correctly all the time.
  6. Hello Kevin, I also like the new design. Its kind of unique for me.
    There are some problem with navigation and right sidebar at home page. When i scroll down it does not work correctly, while scrolling up it show the sticky navs and right sidebar also work fine. (Right sidebar issue is seen in firefox only)

    I don't know if it is my website cache or you forget to update the favicon ?? I am seeing the same old favicon
  7. I can change the background to something else. The one showing just now is one of mountains and sky at the top. It's easy to change so I am happy to change it to something else if there is something better available.

    @Heather - Yes free free to start a new thread about getting a logo for your blog.

    @Kris Hoja What is the nav doing? Is it not displaying correctly when you scroll up?

    @Sanjay Ojha I've fixed the favicon now. That was on my list of things to do. I've checked the forum on Firefox and it seems fine. I can't see any problem with the sidebar. Are the menus not scrolling correctly for you?
  8. Looks really good! Much more modern-looking design. And I think it's easier to read the text now.
  9. Exactly, it's not always top fixed. Try to scroll up and down faster few times.
  10. Works fine for me. Assuming it's only supposed to display when scrolling up, that is. I tried going up and down as fast as possible.
  11. It seems to be working fine for me. It should only show when you are scrolling up. I don't always liked fixed navigation menus but it's quite useful for getting to the recent posts link quicker. I'm using chrome. What browser are you using?
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  12. Thanks! Maybe I will...

    I just also wanted to say, I like the header better now, with the mountains, too! Although now I can't see them. Hmm....

  13. Most recent Firefox :)
  14. I've got the most recent firefox on my mac and it seems fine. Is anyone else seeing problems with it?

    I changed the sticky menu so that the background image shows too. It means the design is a little consistent.

    I can still change the background image being used there. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions on what to use and I can change it briefly and take screenshots for you.

    I can also change the opacity so that the background image is faded a little.
  15. i do see it only when I scroll up.

    I still think a starry sky might be nice, maybe with the northern lights. Another idea is a beautiful photo with beautiful light, but at the moment I don't have anything specific in mind. Honestly, I kind of like the plain black, but a little interest with stars might work... Also if you did just keep it plain black, then maybe you think that would be too boring?

    You can always change that down the road, too, right?

    Also, just by the way, I like the favicon and the colors of the share buttons. Very pretty. Did you designate those?
  16. Yes I can change the background at any time. It doesn't take me long.

    The logo was created by a designer. The sharing buttons are part of the forum design I purchased.

    I'm writing an article on my blog that documents the changes I made on the forum. Hopefully I can get it purchased today :)
  17. Looks good - although the login screen it now hard to find (it took me far too long to figure out where to go). Maybe just me? :(

    How about a link in the footer somewhere? Maybe under 'Quick Navigation'? Just a thought.
  18. That's a good idea Brin. I have replaced the forum rules link at the bottom of the page with a login logout button :)
  19. One other thing: I notice the main site logo isn't retina (and so looks fuzzy on my mac - immediately noticeable). It's currently 236px wide. If you still have the vector version, how about saving it out at 472px (setting the html images size to remain at 236px - of course) and using that instead? After all, HD screen usage is only gonna increase...

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