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Rise Forums YouTube Channel Launched

Discussion in 'The YouTubers Lounge' started by Kevin Muldoon, Feb 2, 2016.

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  1. Hey guys.

    I am pleased to announce that I have created a YouTube channel for Rise Forums. I'm excited about recording videos for you all on a semi-regular basis. I think it will be a great way to connect with all of you and to generate some interesting discussions :)

    The Rise Forums YouTube Channel

    I just recorded a quick four minute video using my smartphone that introduces the channel and gives a little information about what I expect to do with it moving forward.

    I hope you enjoy it.

    You can subscribe to the Rise Forums YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuXj_UyGscPCu5iibKLYcQg

    If you enjoyed the video and want to ensure you you don't miss future videos, please subscribe. I will try and upload a couple of videos this week.

    What I want for This Channel

    I have been wanting to launch a dedicated YouTube channel for Rise Forums for some time. I held back a little as I wanted to be sure of the format to use from the beginning.

    Specifically, I did not want to launch the channel and then not upload videos regularly due to time constraints.

    Even short videos can take some time to develop for my YouTube channel because of the process of recording videos and editing them.

    I record videos through my camera and audio with my audio recorder. I then import both of these to Adobe Premiere Pro, replace the audio from my camera with the audio from my audio recorder, and make some small edits and image and video inserts (where appropriate). Once completed, it can be twenty minutes to an hour or so to export the video for uploading to YouTube. It depends on the length of the video.

    The completed video can take an hour or so to upload. Again, the time it takes depends on the length of the video. I then need to create a thumbnail and write a description. The whole process is not difficult, but it can be time consuming.

    That is not what I am going to do with my Rise Forums channel.

    My plan is to record videos via my smartphone and upload them directly to YouTube. I am not going to edit them. I am not going to spend time creating unique thumbnails.

    The quality of video and audio will not be as good when compared to processing everything in a video editor such as Adobe Premiere Pro. However, this setup allows me to record videos whenever I have a spare five or ten minutes; which means I am more likely to record videos for you all. They are going to look a little crude, but I don't think that will necessarily be a problem if the topics I raise are interesting.

    I do not want to set myself a schedule of how often I record videos in case I do not stick to that schedule; however my hope is that I publish a few short videos per week. In the future other Rise Forums members could do the same through their own channels. For example, they could post questions to the community on their channels and post video responses to my videos.

    We can maybe create a new discussion room for videos too so that all videos and related comments can be found easily in the one room.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on all of this.

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  2. I like it! I think it's a very good idea and hope it brings more quality members to the group. I also think it's just fine to do the more casual videos... I thought the video quality was good and the sound just a bit lacking, but I wasn't even thinking about it til near the end.

    Also, I think that's a good idea to have threads for video discussion, maybe the thread in which you post that video.

    And I think everything is moving in this direction, with live video so popular now and also FB making it so easy to post little videos, too... And the more people SEE you and HEAR you, the more real you are to them. So I think it will draw people and create that know, like, trust factor.

    At any rate, yay for trying it, and seeing how it goes! :)
  3. Yeah the audio is not the greatest and my the video is really shaky if I don't keep the camera stationary on a tripod. The action camera I have has better audio, but I'm not to keen on the fish bowl look it produces.

    Another option would be for me to use my Panasonic camera and hook up my audio recorder to the top of it. That will still allow me to record things fairly quickly and then I just need to upload. It might be a better solution than using my smartphone.

    The idea of using my smartphone was because I always have it with me, but it is not as flexible as I had hoped due to how much it shakes when holding it by hand. The lack of optical image stabilisation really holds it back so i am going to always have to use a tripod with it. This kind of negates the flexibility I had hoped for in a portable solution.

    I should maybe invest in a small portable camera that has good audio for future videos. For the time being, my Panasonic G6 with the audio recorder on top might be a better option; though I really want something separate. Something portable. Something I can just pull out and start recording and then upload directly from the device.
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  4. I know, it's hard to find the right solution sometimes. I agree to not go with the fishbowl.

    Just *how* bad is the shakiness? For now, maybe you can just prop it up on something? Still not ideal, I know. But I agree, having to make sure you carry a tripod is kind of defeating the purpose.

    A friend of mine has been posting daily videos in her FB group, and I'm curious as to what she does. I think she's just holding it. And it's not that bad at all. So, I'm curious to see what it's like if you do end up having to hold it... Just a thought, until you can get the one you really want.

    Because part of the appeal I think is the "rawness" and "realness" of it anyway... the spur of the moment, in the moment, quality. So a bit of shakiness might not be the end of the world.
  5. The shakiness is very bad if I hold the phone with my hand, It didn't look too bad on my phone but when it uploaded it looked horrendous.

    YouTube's native editing options for stabilising video makes the video looks all weird and distorted. It just doesn't work.

    I do have a better solution available with my Panasonic camera and I can use one of the lavalier microphones I have with it to improve sound. Though it does mean that I will have to then copy the file to my computer and upload. Not a huge amount of hassle to be honest. I can maybe do my second video that way to see how it works out.

    Yeah I want to make sure that these videos don't take too long to record and upload. I want them to be easy to do as that will save me time and encourage me to do videos more frequently.
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  6. That sounds good! (to try the other option with the lavalier...)
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  7. Ahhhh I may have been wrong.

    I used a video app for Android as it has a timer and by default image stabilisation was off. This surprised me as it is always set to one by default in most video apps.

    Going to run some tests now. I may be able to use it without a tripod after all. Fingers crossed it was just a setting issue. :)

    I recored the first video in 4K, but I may just use the front camera which has 1080p video recording for the next one. So pleased I was wrong!
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  8. That sounds promising! Hopefully that will work better.
  9. I recorded a video last night and uploaded it. It is still shaky.

    It's better, but not great. I was going to just publish it regardless, but I think it would be better to re-record the video as the shakiness makes it difficult to follow what I'm saying. Whilst I don't want to spend a long time recording videos, I do understand the need for video to be stable.

    I tried my Panasonic too, but because I have a zoom lens it isn't suitable. I would have to purchase a pancake lens if I was to use that camera. Otherwise, every video would be super zoomed in. Or I will have to position the camera much further away, which means I couldn't use the lavalier microphone. I could, however, use the shotgun microphone I have. That is perhaps the route I should go down. I'll need to do more tests.
  10. Sorry it didn't turn out good enough. This isn't easy, is it...
  11. Nah it's ok. I would rather get things right moving forward.

    I listened to the announcement video again on my computer. It's actually not as bad as I first thought. It's not amazing, but certainly not as tinny as I thought it would be. I would love to hear the opinion of other members on this. Is the audio ok?
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  12. When I hear videos online, I feel bad because while I love it, my Internet connection is so bad to stream live. Hope one day it changes here in Cameroon
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  13. Do Youtube allow lower quality videos over poor connections? I can stream okay ish.
  14. We can stream here but with a lot of difficulties. There is also high bandwidth but I think over $100/m for Internet connection is quite expensive.
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