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Shopify like platform

Discussion in 'Ecommerce' started by Kris Hoja, Mar 21, 2015.

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  1. Hi guys and girls :)
    I'm doing a research with my buddy, because we need to create platform like Shopify/BigCommerce with a little bit less features for local market.
    What we need is platform where client buys basic store and has options to do some visual modifications (backgrounds, layouts, etc.).
    Does anyone have an idea if there is a ready solution that we can use?
    A must is multi-language support.
  2. Are you talking about a white-label solution that you can rebrand and sell on as your own?

  3. We want to make a copy of Shopify like website for local business owners (who wants to have e-store).
  4. How about Woocommerce or WP EasyCart? :) On the other hand, you won't go wrong with OpenCart/Prestashop for self hosted, non Wordpress based solutions.
    For WooCommerce, you can add on WPML

    For hosted, I'm sure you've heard of Big Cartel, Volusion and the rest
  5. @Leo Koo BigCartel/Shopify etc is the thing we want to make :) You know, place where client buys membership and is able to create shop from premade templates.
  6. @Kris Hoja I think for such a system you will need a lot of funds to market yourself. I doubt if without good funding such a thing could be achieved. When you create a site for a customer, all payment related issues are the headache of the customer and you are only responsible for supporting any web related issues.

    When you create s platform for users to create their own stores the dynamics of your services changes. Not only are you responsible for web issues, but you are also responsible for any payment related issues. The kind of servers you need, the kind of certifications you need will involve a lot of setup and ongoing cost.

    Then the next issue is trust of customers and how the perceive the service. Hence, a good marketing and promotion team will be needed to make users aware of your solutions and how you are different from other competitors.

    Dont get me wrong on the negatives, but I have "already tried that, been there". The year : 2006 - tried doing something for the local businesses. Hence, created a solution where in a user could purchase a package through us and they could create an online diy site with ability for online shopping. Got good media coverage and also a lot of people on the platform but the ongoing costs always outnumbered the pricing we were able to offer and the ongoing maintenance that was needed. Hence closed down.

    But I still feel that there is a lot of potential in this area and if you get it right, there is a scope for a multi million dollar business. But competition is in hundreds and to survive, I still feel you need backing of some good venture fund.
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  7. @prakash you made really good points. That's what I said to my friend (costs, responsibilities, legal problems).
  8. Good points prakash.
  9. Hey Kris,

    In Malaysia, there are those who offer something like Shopify, but with OpenCart. I think they've cloned the sites to that it's easy to launch a new site anytime. Selling ecommerce SAAS is more about getting a platform right, and then making the dough from the servers. Still, going with OpenCart for a start would still be better than coding from scratch. What do you think?

    p/s: I've a friend who runs some hosting company, and I gave him the exact same idea a few months back. He offered to let me take over the company as a partner and even pump money in =.=
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