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Should I Delete my Email Subscriber list & Start Fresh

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by JoyR3DetoxCoach, Jan 20, 2016.

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  1. I had a brick-n-mortar health club for over 10 years & the primary service that my clients bought was group fitness. Now that I am repositioning & rebranding my business leading with 100% virtual & the primary product being body/mind detox coaching, it appears my list is dead. They don't seem to jump at ANY of my email offers. Should I just assume they are not the target market form my new brand & find those who are? I have about 1,500 people on that list btw.
  2. Hi Joy.

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    How active were the list?

    The thing about email lists is that even active email lists naturally shed a large percentage of subscribers over time. And if a list is not emailed for a long period of time, the list does die. Many subscribers will even forgot who you are and why they signed up.

    I would keep those people in your list for the time being and focus on growing your list. Then in three months time remove the people who did not open your emails as that suggests they are sending your emails to the bin or spam folder.

  3. Hi Kevin!
    I emailed my list once/month for 10 years. I hadn't emailed them for almost a year as I was rebranding. I then started emailing once or twice/week as of last month. I like your advice. Thanks a million!
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  4. Hi Joy,
    No need to delete existing email list. just do one thing create a email campaign and sent surve to your existing email subscribers. best one two three survey decide those email list are important or not.
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