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Social Media Post Scheduling And Blog Post Scheduling

Discussion in 'Blogging & Content Marketing' started by Tarannum, May 20, 2016.

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  1. HI,

    Please suggest me good tool to schedule social media post and blog post. Buffer is good for social media but any other suggestions?

    I just want to write and schedule the posts so that they can be published automatically on time.
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  2. Are you using WordPress?

    I use JetPack's sharing module to post my articles to Twitter and Facebook and Google+.
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  3. I use Buffer, the $10/month one. I do like it.

    If I were going to change, and if I were making $, I'd probably switch to Edgar because they save all your posts so they can automatically continue posting later on... like a content library that you can continually recycle and reuse... so you don't have to re-enter and re-schedule posts that you want to post again... It would save a lot of time, but it's also not cheap (for me anyway). I think it's $29/month.
  4. @Kevin, Has jetpack scheduling feature ? I am using jet pack ( I mean who is not using jet pack ? )

    @Heather, I am using buffer. It is nice. However I also want to look other options.
  5. Can it?

    I know it can post updates on social media, but schedule them? If so, I'd love that!
  6. I use it to post updates as soon as an article is published. You can't retweet articles that have already been published.
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    I'm using CoSchedule :) It's an all-in-one calendar and scheduler that pulls your images and blog posts from your site and let's you set the social media messages for different profiles

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