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Featured Social Media Sharing Thread

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by Kevin Muldoon, Feb 22, 2014.

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  1. A thread for us to help our high quality articles get more tweets and shares.

    We can also use this thread to:
    • Link to each other's articles.
    • Comment on each other's articles.
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  2. #2 Brian Jackson, Feb 24, 2014
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  3. Retweeted :)
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  4. Can I like use Brain's post on my blog and link it back to his blog?
    If I can do that, is there a proper way to do it or I just have his link in the post?
  5. You will need to ask Brian directly, but I am sure that 99% of bloggers and website owners would say no to any request to have their content duplicated elsewhere on the internet. I know I would say no.
  6. Alright, or is there anything like buying a post to put in my blog? or there is only hiring a writer?
  7. I recommend hiring someone. Copying a blog post from someone else will not help you as Google views it as duplicate content. So you will get no traffic from search engines as a result of that.
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  9. I think we should try and keep this thread on topic about sharing articles etc. However, I encourage you to start a new thread about your blog and we can start looking at how we can get it going :)
  10. Well guys as one of the few female members I'm going to share with you my latest post as I think "youz guys" as they say in Philly (I grew up there) will like it. It's a new hoodie with a cool three way cuff. I work in IT and the guys I work with seem to favor hoodies, must be the Mark Zuckerberg effect...:D

    Share if you care...;)
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  11. Tweeted.
  12. Gracias, Amigo... :)
  13. Tweeted and now following. :)
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  14. If anyone fancies Tweeting this post I wrote or voting for it on ManageWP that would be great:


  15. voted and tweeted :)
  16. Retweeted :)
  17. Thanks guys! And one more from me then I will wait for some other people to post some links.

    This is for a new writing job I just started so if anyone could leave a comment or something that would be great:


  18. Retweeted, commented, and voted on ManageWP.
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