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Featured Social Media Sharing Thread

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by Kevin Muldoon, Feb 22, 2014.

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  1. Thank you! :)
  2. Retweeted and +1'ed :)
  3. Thanks. :)

    Just happened the 2nd time that I got a page not found error when trying to post. Refreshing the page does not help, only going to the main forum and clicking the thread again does. Not sure if thats just me.
  4. It should be ok now Thomas. I moved the forums from /members/ to /. You may have still had /members/ in your browser url :)
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  6. Tweeted :)
  7. Tweeted :)
  8. Added to Buffer :p
  9. I released this new post earlier today: http://wpscoop.com/promoting-new-wordpress-plugins/

    A guide on how to promote a new WordPress plugin, based on my own experiences. A shoutout to Rise Forums included. :D Shares or comments welcome. :)

    @Kevin Muldoon and @Joe F are also mentioned in the guide. Would love to hear your thoughts on my suggestion for plugin developers to contact freelance writers like you two. Do you appreciate that or is it annoying? :D
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  10. Wow amazing post Thomas! Added to Buffer.
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  11. tweeted. Thanks for sharing Thomas :)
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  12. Great article Thomas and thanks for the mention. I've retweeted it :)
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  13. Amazing article Thomas :D Shared on Twitter
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  14. Buffered @Thomas Hoefter :) - also emailed myself as a reminder!

    (I rarely post "Buffered/Shared/Tweeted" but I usually do :))
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