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Some Modern Forum Software You Should Know

Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by Sanjay Ojha, May 18, 2016.

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  1. Hi @k06mars,

    Those are very good questions ...
    Unfortunately, for $3 a month, there is no way I can give you an uptime guarantee. At least not right now. The data center we are hosted at provides me with a 99.99% uptime, and we have a server architecture in place that is designed for automatic failover / redundancy. So the mechanisms are in place for giving us high availability, but we need to see some real world usage before I can consider offering any kind of guarantee.

    Having said that, if the downtime was significant, I would most likely bump up the end date on everyone's subscription period, so they got extra time added for free.
    Yes, I definitely want you to be able to download an archive of your board, at any time. This is currently not implemented, but it is on the TODO list, and I can put something in place pretty quickly if this is a deal breaker for anyone. My main question would be: What format do you want the data in?
    Yes, similar to how domain names work, a 3rd party could come in and take that board... and yes, they would have access to all the prior data. I have done this so that communities have a way to continue, even if their original owner abandons them. However, this does not apply to private boards, since that content could be for personal use. Those will be archived by the system and not available again.

    I am open to discussing the implementation though... maybe I can offer a button that wipes everything clean, so that the board owner has the option to download an archive and then nuke it all before they leave, if they so desire.
  2. I think a major factor for forums nowadays is taking into consideration what the user is familiar with. Xenforo is the most popular forum software because of how seo friendly it is along side its fast load speeds. This is where invision power lacks, someones done a few studyings on migrating to from Xenforo, vbulletin5 and IPS ( i think digiatlpoint forum did it ) and found the load speeds improve dramatically which resulted in higher serp's = more sign ups and less bounce rates. I'll see if i can find the article.

    Vbulltin is dead although I use it, I do like it (maybe because I'm too used to it), but I'm switching to xenforo in the next couple of months, just wanted to use up the licence I have... don't forget Xenforo has designed by Xvbulletin coders.
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