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Stewart Andrew Alexander, Glad To Be Here!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Stewart, May 3, 2016.

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  1. Heard a lot about this forum, so glad to be here amongst fellow professionals.

    I'm an International Digital Media Strategist and Talk Show Host at Impact Makers Radio™.

    I consult directly with high net worth individuals in the fields of business, finance, health, and personal success and use my proprietary Find, Trust and Choose™ system to help my clients get more prospects, more clients, and ultimately more money to grow their business and live the lives they truly love.

    Looking forward to making good connections with some cool people :)

  2. Hi Stewart.

    Welcome to Rise Forums.

    What's the name of your company? Are you based in one country or do you travel a lot?

    There's a lot of great people here so I am sure you will make a lot of good connections :)

  3. Thanks Kevin,

    Happy to be here.

    My company is called Impact Makers Radio.

    It's an online radio show.

    Being as I don't have enough posts yet to share a link, just Google the name whenever you have a spare moment.

    As for where I'm based.

    I'm currently based in Cairo, Egypt.

    Been here for four years, but moving soon to the Cayman Islands.

    Looking forward to networking.
  4. Impact Makers Radio sounds like an interesting show. How do you attract guests for your show? Do you use existing contacts?
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  5. Cool site looks full of useful tips!
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  6. Sorry for the late reply Kev, been busy with moving from Cairo.

    I'm now in the UK for a few weeks before making the final move to the Cayman Islands in August.

    Now back to your question, "How do you attract guests for your show?"

    I use a combination of things:

    1. I build relationships with people on Linkedin and invite them to my show.
    2. I speak with people in Facebook groups. If they are a good fit, I'll invite them onto the show.
    3. People come to me organically. Some through shows they've found online, some have heard of me, others come recommended.

    Getting people interested for the show is easy, as most people think and want exposure to a larger audience.

    The art is in getting the right kind of guest that understands there is much more to just getting short term traffic and clicks from the show's listeners.

    I shared just one example in this short video here:

    Hope that helps :)
  7. Welcome @Stewart
    I'll be checking your site just after this thread ;)
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