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Stop Using Facebook?

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by Brian Jackson, Oct 11, 2014.

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  1. This is a great article on how Groove really took the time, calculated ROI, and cut FB out of their internet marketing plan.


    Out of 13,000 visitors in the last 30 days I have got 97 visitors from FB. That is pretty pathetic.

    I almost have more from RiseForums and I'm not evening trying to get visitors from here.

    I have 350 from Twitter.

    I don't really do anything on FB right now other than buffer stuff out to it, which I am already doing for other networks. So it doesn't really take up more of my time. So that really isn't an issue. I am debating just ripping the FB social share icon right out of my site lol. I have yet to see anyone do this, maybe I should the first.

    Just like this restaurant did giving people 25% discount to give them a bad review on Yelp (http://insidescoopsf.sfgate.com/blo...restaurant-owner-encourages-bad-yelp-reviews/). Maybe I should stick it to FB and not let them share from my site haha.

    It's sad how bad organic reach has become.

    I am curious how other people's organic traffic from FB is? (without paying for advertising)
  2. Unless you're posting funny animal pix and videos, FB is pretty much a bust. It has been for me. Very few of the articles I've posted there have been read. Google+, however, has been the exact opposite. Lots of views and positive responses.

    FB fans would much rather look than read. I'm afraid this is a reflection of society as a whole, which is becoming more illiterate.
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  3. @Brian Jackson - Yes its been my personal observation too with regards posts on FB. If I post an image - immediately there are comments / likes but any link to content and usually falls flat! Actually I just did two test pages on FB. I even do not have a personal FB till date! And I hardly use FB to so say.

    @The Content Bloke - Completely agree on the points you have raised. And also about G+. My personal experience too.

    A Study:
    Launched FB, Twitter and Google + accounts around the same time for a site of mine.
    FB after 1 year : 0 followers / likes
    Twitter : close to 2k followers
    G+ : over 2500 followers

    Hence, this has been my personal experience with FB not sure unless you are advertising how you are getting hits from FB
  4. I can definitely understand why someone would stop promoting Facebook as Facebook changed the system so much that you get little in return. Doesn't help that Facebook users like pretty much any page that pops up in their feeds. I have seen Facebook posts for bizarre things such as Flora (margarine) because a friend of mine liked the page.

    Personally, I am going to keep posting my articles to Facebook so that those who like receiving updates on Facebook to get them.

    But as I said, I do understand removing it altogether. As if you have a page your automatic updates will get comments and people will continue to send you private messages etc.
  5. Strange,
    My experience is opposite. I am getting maximum benefit from FB. May be my niche is different, Wildlife Photography.

    I have joined 6-7 groups related wildlife photography and started connecting to wildlife photographers, first I targeted professional and more popular photographer but almost neglected, I change the strategy and connected with new and amateur photographer. They responded very well. With in 21 days I get 90 Wildlife photographer registered, some very popular as well. more than 300 Images and 450 comments. Most of them from FB.

    However, from G+, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon I get some traffic when I post Images.
    But best benefit is from FB
  6. That's great you're doing well from Facebook Sanjay. I think a photography website is perfect for Facebook as you share photographs so frequently. Pinterest must be a good fit too.
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