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Text Message Marketing... Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Blogging & Content Marketing' started by Heather, Aug 3, 2016.

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  1. So, a friend of mine is doing a list building free program soon, and all the content will be delivered via text message.

    This was the first I'd heard of this, but it really makes sense. People don't always check their email, but they do check their phones/texts.

    What do you think? Do you think it's something you might make use of in the future?

    I just saw an ad for eztexting.com and it made me think about it. I'm not sure what SMS texts are or how it all works... Kevin, maybe this would be a good article for you. :)
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  2. One more thing... I like the idea of delivering content via texts... of course not spamming people. If I do this, I will be giving people content that they're expecting... :)

    One good use of it would be to send people reminders and/or encouragement related to new habits... Hmmm... I really need to consider using this. Maybe I can get my group members to be my guinea pigs.
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  3. It's not something I would like. I think of phones are a personal thing for speaking with friends and family. I'd hate to have messages beeping me all day long about something work related.
  4. We'll see how I like it after this program I'm doing... I think later this month or early next month. It's a ten day free challenge related to staying in touch with your true values while parenting.

    I can totally see how something like this would be great for sending encouraging or inspiring messages, or reminders to help hold people accountable. Of course, people would opt in... so if I were ever to do something like this, it would be with people's permission. If I were to do it, I wouldn't message people all day. We'll see how my friend does it. I'm really curious.

    And from a marketing standpoint, it seems like a very good way for your content to actually be noticed and not skipped over. But yes, like anything, if it were abused or used in a way out of alignment with what your audience wants and would benefit from, then it wouldn't make any sense.
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  5. The question is where we are going to draw the line between "useful" and "abusive". Text marketing is still successfully used in many places, especially local businesses. For e.g. My massage spa sends me occasional text messages with promo information. I think they average about one or two text a month. And I am okay with it because, I know the business establishment very well, I go there once every month, and most of all, the promo text drives my decision as in when to book my next appointment. As you can see, it is mutually beneficial. If they were to send more often, I would call them right away and ask them to stop sending text to my phone.
    I also receive text messages from one of my 3 bank accounts. And then there is monthly due amount text from my mobile phone provider and other bill payment texts. It feels overwhelming already. I don't see how I would ever want to read content via text messages. Email will always be my preferred method to subscribe for content.
  6. So this week is the challenge I mentioned where my friend is sending the texts. It's about one or two per day, and it's for a set time period, 10 days.

    I like it. It's short and encouraging... just a little prompt to promote mindfulness.

    On the other hand, from the little I'm learning about it, it's not cheap to do, and there may be technical challenges that arise as well.

    One thing I feel about it is that it's good if people opt in knowingly to it, of course, and also it's great for something like this, where the purpose is giving value, not trying to sell directly through these texts. And it's good because it's for a very limited time period, and everyone knows what that time period is.

    So... for me, I like it in this context, but I am not convinced it's worth it for me to do it.
  7. Also, I have no desire to have any direct selling/promotional texts coming into my phone either. That would really annoy me.
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