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The Benefits of Performing a Site Audit on Your Website

Discussion in 'SEO & PPC Marketing' started by Kevin Muldoon, Jul 14, 2014.

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  1. I was chatting to @furiousstyles yesterday on the phone and he was raving about SEMrush. So I dropped them an email about doing a review about the service and they kindly offered me a trial to test the service out.

    The first thing I did was do a site audit on my website. The report is very easy to read. It shows the top three issues for me website. These are: 470 internal links have nofollow attribute (I imagine this is a design issue as I never add the nofollow tag myself - breadcrumbs?), 153 external links that are broken, and 54 pages that have too many links.


    In my last post about how SEO companies are generating links, @Brian Jackson noted that he looks more at on-page SEO. It appears that the above problems would come under that category.

    My question is: What kind of benefits can I see from addressing these issues directly?

    Could I expect to see a significant increase in traffic by addressing these issues within just a few weeks? Also, I am curious as to how much a good SEO company would charge for logging onto my website and fixing these issues. Does anyone know the going rate?

    I'd love to hear from those of you who have performed a website audit and seen a significant increase (or decrease) in traffic.

  2. Yes, I always see significant gains from on-page SEO optimizations. For example, one of my clients last week was ranking page 2 on Google for their homepage/brand name. I scanned their website and noticed they were missing an H1 on their homepage. After adding an H1 with their brand name the next week they were on Page 1 of Google. No other changes were made. Simple things like this people don't realize how important they still are. Google still looks at these tags to identify structure... the building blocks of SEO will always still be there. (I feel very strong about these things :))

    I use WebCEO right now to scan websites, it has a great in-depth report. I didn't know SEMrush had a website auditor, that's awesome!

    Kevin I would recommend fixing the broken links first... and then did you ever go through Yoast and check your meta descriptions and titles? I remember you mentioned this a while back that some might not be as good as they could be. I recommend using a tool like Screaming Frog to quickly identify bad titles and bad descriptions if you don't have a tool like WebCEO. If your titles are super short, your definitely missing out on some opportunities... If your titles are too long, Google and Bing are now rewriting the titles in SERPs, so it is very important to make sure you stay under 70 otherwise you leave it up to Google/Bing to decide what your title should be.

    I see below I have title cleanup to do :)


    I have been meaning to do a full review on WebCEO, I will get to it one of these days :)
  3. I actually started checking broken links last week, but it was proving to be very time consuming. It is also frustrating. Take theme reviews for example. A lot of the themes that I have listed in theme lists have since been removed from ThemeForest by the developer. Which means that I need to either replace the links or simply delete them.

    You are also write that I need to add descriptions for most of my blog posts. That could prove to be time consuming too as the majority of my articles do not have them. That's why I was thinking about hiring someone to do it. I must admit, going back through hundreds of articles and fixing links is not a lot of fun!
  4. Going to say "it can have an effect". I've done small changes to sites that have had big effects, and other things that end up doing nothing.

    @Kevin Muldoon to save time what I would do is look at your Analytics. Look at posts that are getting traffic (particularly search traffic) and clean any SEO issues on those posts. Also if you could find posts that are ranking bottom page 1/top page 2 for relevant phrases and getting traffic, and fix them, that's a good place to start.

    For the Themeforest issue, I'd probably find a replacement theme (either at Themeforest/elsewhere), and swap the link in. Be honest "This theme is no longer available, but check out XYZ instead".
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  5. Thanks Rhys.

    The main thing holding me back from doing all of this is the time. I have several hundred posts on my blog. You are right that I should focus on the ones getting traffic, though it will still be time consuming. And it's hard for me to get a few days at the moment to work through this kind of thing. I'll definitely get there at one point. I'll probably start with descriptions first and ensure that all posts have a meta description and focus keyword.
  6. @Kevin Muldoon You can use the Bulk Title and Bulk Description Editor within Yoast to add titles and descriptions even faster.

    Are you using a plugin like Pretty Links to link to themes and other external products?

    Looking at your latest themes post, I see you are linking to the source directly, e.g. ThemeForest sales page. If you were to mask your affiliate links, you can easily change the landing page once a theme gets deleted. For example, you could create a page on your blog which informs the visitor that the theme of their choice is deleted (add an optin form there and some social media follow buttons). Once you notice a theme is gone, you simply forward the link to the /deleted page ;)
  7. I normally mask links so that I can track clicks. With those large theme lists, I don't bother doing it as it would be too time consuming. Plus it would make checking links a bit more of a pain if I was tracking thousands.

    I use WordPress SEO on my blog so I can use the bulk editor to change descriptions (when I get round to it haha).
  8. I will be posting up my 4,000+ word review on Web CEO tonight :) It is almost finished. Very exciting. Will be one of my most in-depth reviews i have ever done. Stay tuned!
  9. Brian, what is an H1? Thanks! :)
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