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The Fine Bros Back Down

Discussion in 'Video & Audio Recording' started by Kevin Muldoon, Feb 2, 2016.

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  1. Have any of you been following the Fine Brothers saga over the last few days.

    The duo are popular for producing reaction videos on YouTube and filed a trademark request to stop others doing similar videos.

    When they uploaded a video that tried to explain their position, they experienced a huge backlash from the internet and hundreds of thousands of subscribers starting unsubscribing from their channel.

    They have since taken down that video, but you can still read about the saga online via websites such as The Verge.

    They posted a message earlier today backing down from everything.


    We’re here to apologize.

    We realize we built a system that could easily be used for wrong. We are fixing that. The reality that trademarks like these could be used to theoretically give companies (including ours) the power to police and control online video is a valid concern, and though we can assert our intentions are pure, there’s no way to prove them.

    We have decided to do the following:

    1. Rescind all of our “React” trademarks and applications.*

    2. Discontinue the React World program.

    3. Release all past Content ID claims.**

    The concerns people have about React World are understandable, and that people see a link between that and our past video takedowns, but those were mistakes from an earlier time. It makes perfect sense for people to distrust our motives here, but we are confident that our actions will speak louder than these words moving forward.

    This has been a hard week. Our plan is to keep making great content with the help of our amazing staff. Thank you for your time and for hearing us out.


    Benny and Rafi Fine

    *This includes “React,” “Kids React,” “Elders React,” “Lyric Breakdown,” etc. Please note: It takes a while for the databases to update, but the necessary paperwork has been filed.

    **Content ID is YouTube’s copyright system that automatically flags content that looks like or sounds like copyrighted content. This mostly flags videos that are direct re-uploads of our videos (which is what the system is built for), but if you know of a video that has been claimed or removed incorrectly, please email us with “false claim” in the subject line.
    In a world where Facebook gets away with being the largest host of stolen content on the internet, it is quite surprising that a large YouTube channel would even attempt to trademark something as general as "react" type videos. It's not like they invented the genre.

    I was not even aware who these guys were, but the last few days Reddit has been full of posts from people abusing them and ridiculing them for their stance. The move really backfired on them.

  2. Yeah I'm in the same boat. Never heard of them before a few days ago. Seem like they tried to trademark something that would be daft.

    Glad somebody saw sense.
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  3. I don't think they saw sense. I think they had no choice due to the negative publicity. It's kind of crazy to think they thought this was a good idea anyways. Why is a channel with 13 million subscribers worried about that?

    I also read a lawyer saying they shot themselves in the foot with the video as they may have sneaked the trademark through, but any good lawyer would contest it and they would lose.
  4. It was incredible watching them. Like what was it? 10,000 unsubs a minute at one point? That's hemorrhaging subscribers!

    But yeah. I now know they exist, so that's a positive for them....
  5. Yeah it was insane. Not a huge amount considering how many subscribers they still have, but still unique that such a popular channel was losing subs at that rate.
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