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The Rise Forums Car Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Kevin Muldoon, Apr 21, 2016.

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  1. A few members, including myself, have discussed cars on Rise Forums on occasion.

    Cars are something I have been reading about immensely recently as I am looking to replace my ageing 2004 BMW 316i (petrol). It's been a fantastic car but I am doing a lot of miles every week now and it eats petrol like a hungry monkey! :jimlad:

    So to get this discussion going, let us know what car you are currently driving, and if possible, what car you are considering buying next . Feel free to share photos too :)

    I was going to take a picture of my car today for you all as it's a nice day, but some lovely birds decided to relieve themselves all over my bonnet the other day and I haven't cleaned it yet.

    So I will save you the bother of looking at the crap filled front of my car and show you a picture of my car from when I bought last January (the photo was taken by the guy who sold the car) :)



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  2. - looks pretty good Kevin! What am I driving: nothing at the moment. I am in the market though...
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  3. Nice ride Kevin :)

    I'm more family type of driver and last year replaced FIAT Seicento with Ford C-max (2006) - quite a difference :)
    It has enough power, is quite safe and has enough space and big trunk.
    Something like this (mine is also black and ghia verision)
    Pic from internet

    I'm not a big fan of cars and it doesn't make me emotional to own/ride super cars. I did drive Porsche Carrera Turbo once and Lanborghini Gallardo (more fun ;) ) but it's not something I'd use daily. However I love the look of Chevrolet Camaro (2015) and Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 (2015) but both are beyond my possibilities.

    I believe the next car will be just newer version of C-Max :)
  4. I never used to be into cars either, but I have grown more fond over the last couple of years; perhaps because I am driving more often.

    I have never been a fan of Ford's, but my Dad got a Ford Focus Estate a few weeks ago and it's really nice. They're apparently great to drive too and have good handling.

    I came across a Ford Mustang last year in Colombia and recorded it in a video. It was stunning.

    (skip to the six minute mark)

  5. My current car :)

    Bought it brand new, 2010 MazdaSpeed 3. 275 HP. Still having fun driving it everyday. Just hit 40,000 miles.


    Although ever since moving to Arizona, I have thought about going to a Mazda miata :) The 2016 miata I really like.

  6. Zoom, zoom, zoom! Your car picture is beautiful, Brian.

    I can share more later, but my car is not exciting. 2001 Chevy Malibu.

    Are Mustangs rare in Europe?
  7. The first car I owned was a Mazda 323F (bought from my Dad). My Dad had a 2009 Mazda 3 too and exchanged it a few weeks ago for a Ford Focus Estate. He never had any problems with the Mazda.

    They call the Miata the Mazda MX-5 over in the UK. I believe it is sometimes referred to as the Mazda MX-5 Miata in North America but is usually just called the Mazda Miata. I've considered buying one too, but it just isn't practical for me as my main car as I sometimes take my parents out and go out with friends etc. I would be an ideal second car.

    The reviews of the MX-5 are great and they have always been lauded as a great drive and cheap and easy to repair.

    @Heather The new mustang is proving to be very popular here in the UK, but they are still rare due to how expensive they are. I believe they are around £35,000 new. At current exchange rates, that's over $50,000 US dollars.
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  8. I didn't realize there was a new Mustang out. :) I'm out of the car loop.

    I had a dream that I had a dark gray Mini Cooper whose name was Storm. I'm not sure if this is in my future or what. Definitely not the near future since I need to be able to transport my little ones and lots of gear. :)
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  9. I'm off to see some cars tonight with my Dad and my friend James. Going to check out some Seat Leons at the VW garage and then head over to the BMW garage and check out some BMW 1s and 3s. There are some other garages along the way that we may drop by too.

    I'll let you all know how I get on :)
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  10. Good luck!
  11. We ended up going to four garages yesterday. A Volkswagen garage that had all VW brands, a large store that had Nissan, Hyundai, Volvo etc, then onto a BMW garage, and then a large Arnold Clark superstore that sells all types of cars.

    It was good to look at a lot of different cars.

    The Seat Leon looked good. The salesman there was terrible though and clearly had just started the job. He hadn't even offered to let me see the inside of the car or the boot etc and he was encouraging me to go inside and talk numbers. That wouldn't have put me off buying, but it was freezing yesterday so we just headed onto the next garage.

    Despite MotorPoint having a terrible reputation, we may head in there one day to see what they have on offer as they do have some good deals.
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  12. I drive a Vios 2011 model :) Until it got stolen from my house in January. Currently back on my old Hyundai and planning to get perhaps another Toyota or Honda :)

    Cars in Malaysia are generally expensive, so.. =.=
  13. That's terrible, Leo. So sorry that happened.
  14. @Kevin Muldoon , are you looking for a new car or a used car? Also, I had never heard of Seat. I don't think they're common here. Do you pronounce the name of the Seat Leon basically in the Spanish way?

    Good luck with finding the right car for you. I've been so happy with my car... I bought it used in 2004 (3 years old), and it has been so good, so reliable. It hasn't really needed anything more than normal maintenance. Before long though I think I'll need a new car because it's getting older, and I need to make sure we have a reliable car. Can you walk places you need to go or do you really need a car where you live?

    We really have to have a car. The only place we can really walk is to the park (and the school).
  15. @Heather : Seat cars are by Volkswagen. :)

    @Kevin Muldoon & Heather, just concerned over VW's long term reliability. Japanese cars tend to last much longer here and from what my friend told me, in the States as well. :D

    Heather, what car are you planning to purchase?
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  16. Man that sucks. Sorry to hear that. Did your insurance cover it?

    I think most people pronounce it the Spanish way as that is how they promote it in advertising. Plus if you say it in English it would be something to sit in, not drive :)

    Yeah I really need a car. The place I train is about ten to fifteen miles away so I have a thirty mile round trip about five or six days a week. Sometimes I train twice in the one day (like today). My girlfriend stays 25 miles away too so if I go to hers twice a week it's another hundred miles onto my travelling.

    Yeah VW's main brands from most expensive to least expensive are Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, and then Skoda. Most of their cars are built upon the same platform. For example, the Seat Leon, VW Golf, and Audi A3, are all built using the same platform.

    Buying one of the more expensive brands from VW normally gives you more refinement and luxury on the inside of the car, though it is not any indication of reliability. Despite being their cheapest brand, Skoda frequently end up near the top of reliability reports ahead of other VW brands.

    Japanese cars do have a great reputation for reliability over the long term, but some German brands too. My friend recently sold his 1994 BMW M3 and it was so nice it looked like it just rolled out the factory. He never had a problem with it.

    The great thing about Japanese and Korean brands is that they give you a longer warranty.

    I believe VW only give you two years, Seat give three, Toyota and Hyundai give five, and Kia give a whopping seven years of warranty. Still, what is actually covered by the warranty is
  17. Oh well. I think I'll go for a Mercedes E class W211 (2003 - 2009) if I were to buy another car for now :D Would you consider Mercedes, Kevin?

    @Kevin Muldoon : Yes, but it'll take about 6 months for the insurance money to be paid out. Sigh.
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  18. I would love a Mercedes. I really liked the new A class when I saw it last week, but there are a lot of hidden costs. Fuel consumption is a lot less than the other cars I am looking at and servicing and repairs can be very expensive too.
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