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Tickets For Wordcamp Europe 2016 (vienna) Now Available

Discussion in 'WordCamp Events' started by Kevin Muldoon, Nov 12, 2015.

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  1. I had a fantastic time at WordCamp Europe this year and I'm looking forward to next year's event in Vienna.

    The tickets are now available.

    Hello dear Kevin,

    We're excited to invite you to WordCamp Europe 2016 which will be on June 24-26th in the magnificent Halle E + G at the centre of the Museums Quartier.

    The ticket sales for WordCamp Europe 2016 in Vienna are now open!
    Get your ticket here: https://europe.wordcamp.org/2016/tickets/


    WordCamp Europe 2016 will be the biggest WordCamp in Europe to this day and will include the usual two conference days with the best content about development, design, UX, community, marketing, performance, trends, Open Source, business and giving back, all of it in the context of WordPress. The third day will be a day dedicated to contributing to WordPress. This year we have many more exciting activities prepared, so don't hesitate: come back.


    - two days of the best WordPress content from all over the world
    - a contributor day to learn how to give back to WordPress
    - an opportunity to meet the WordPress community leaders
    - networking activities allowing you to meet and create contacts with likeminded people
    - warm up events and activities to explore the city and make friends
    - a place to be inspired
    - a space to share ideas
    - a job board & a hiring board
    - an epic after-party
    - coffee, tea, healthy lunch (no matter your dietary preferences)
    - swag!
    - amazing people, great mood, adventures and fun


    See you in Vienna!
    The WordCamp Europe 2016 organising team​
  2. I don't like the "dear" in the header! :-(

    I'm not sure I can make it. Wales qualified for the European Championships, and I've only been waiting...what...31 years for that to happen?! So I'm gallivanting around France instead.
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  3. I don't blame you.

    I'm lucky. Being Scottish I won't have to worry about us reaching another finals until most of my hair has fallen out!
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  4. It is kind of funny. "Hello, dear Kevin." Very warm and affectionate. Not that WordCamp people are not that, but... it does seem a little odd. But nice!

    (it's like they couldn't decide which one to use, and then used both, but that gives a different feel from either one alone.)

    About these WordCamps... these are really geared toward developers and designers, right? Not really focused on blogging and marketing?
  5. Yeah it looks like they forgot to remove one of the words when they changed it. I've did it myself in newsletters so it's hard to criticise them for it :D

    I would say that they are actually geared towards two types of people: Developers and absolute beginners. Apart from a few technical discussions, I found all the talks at WordCamp focused on simple topics that anyone who had been using WordPress for more than six months would know. Though for me the whole event is about meeting fellow WordPress enthusiasts and getting to know people who share the same love for the platform.
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