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Time Management : Blogging & Development

Discussion in 'Blogging & Content Marketing' started by Leo Koo, Jun 12, 2016.

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  1. Hi all,

    Just wondering. If you were building a plugin (SaaS or just a plain plugin) and working on blogging to ensure readership before you launch your product, how do you manage your time? And which would you put emphasis on yea?
  2. Every other plugin developer is in the same position.

    Myself and @Joe F talk to WordPress theme and plugin developers all the time. We get a lot of freelancing work from them because they simply do not have the time to update their blogs.

    Most of them go through the same process.
    • First they try and update their blogs themselves. Due to time constraints, posts are usually about product updates or short articles less than 1,000 words
    • They realise that blogging is time-consuming and is reducing the time they can spend on managing customers and updating their product
    • Next they hire someone very cheap to do blogging
    • After realising that paying crap money gets you crap articles, they approach someone like me or Joe
    I hope that doesn't come across as arrogant, but time and time again clients come to us after hiring people for five cents a word and then realising that the content is rubbish.

    With regards to your position, it really depends on your position and your long term goals.
    • How much time can you devote to blogging every week?
    • What are your long term goals for blogging - i.e. to generate traffic, to give news to customers etc?
    • What type of people are you trying to attract?
    • What is your experience of blogging? i.e. do you find it difficult, do you struggle with English grammar etc?
    • Do you have the budget to hire writers to handle blogging?
    Budget always seems to be the biggest hurdle for companies. I have dealt with companies who sell products worth several hundred dollars and then they tell me their budget cannot stretch beyond $50 per article. You do need to spend money if you want quality content on your blog.

    Let us know what your position is and we will try and point you in the right direction.

Thread Status:
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