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Time to Renew But Too Expensive... Options?

Discussion in 'Hosting & Domains' started by Heather, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. My Siteground hosting is up for renewal soon. I signed up with a great intro rate, and now it will be $162 to renew for the year.

    Do you think I should just ask them if they can give me a discount? I think that might work. Otherwise I could change hosts, but I'm happy with Siteground and haven't had any problems.

    Or any other ideas?

    I have the "Grow Big" account. I'll be back after I figure out what exactly that includes. I wonder what they're charging new people right now. I understand special offers, but it is really annoying that customers who have been with them would get a worse rate...
  2. Are you using all of the plan you have purchased? i.e. do you need that much storage, that level of performance etc?

    You may be able to downgrade if your websites do not need such a powerful plan.
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  3. That's a very good point. I definitely don't need room for that much traffic, and right now I only have one website, which is all you can have with their smallest plan.

    Here is the their page with plans and pricing: https://www.siteground.com/shared-hosting-features.htm

    Do you think if I needed to upgrade within the next year, I could easily do that?
  4. I think it's a lot easier to move down from a Siteground Plan to another Siteground Plan than switching domains & then switching back.

    I'd speak to them, they may be able to accommodate you somehow.
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  5. Looking at what they offer, it would seem siteground is the "premium" shared hosting provider. First thing I'd do is downgrade to their Start-Up plan. Afterwards, ask if you really need all the bells and whistles they offer, or would any shared provider with cPanel access do for you?
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  6. Thank you, Kevin and Rhys. I will move down to the lowest level. I know what you mean about maybe not needing everything they offer, but on the other hand, I like that they provide Wordpress support. I haven't really needed it, but they did move my website for me at the beginning and made it a really smooth transition. I'm afraid to go with a host that doesn't provide much or any Wordpress support. @k06mars @Rhys Wynne
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  7. We have a phrase here: "Better the devil you know". Basically if you're happy with a host and although it may annoy you occasionally, it's probably best to stay with it!
  8. We have that saying as well, and I agree. :)
  9. I submitted a ticket to ask how to downgrade to the lower plan, and I can't believe the reply I got:

    Thank you for contacting our Help Desk.

    I reviewed your account and it is suitable for downgrading.

    Please note that this a paid service and it will cost you 35.00 USD.

    If you wan to downgrade your account to StratUp you should order the downgrade service by following this link:

    After you pay your account will be downgraded to a StrartUp account for rest of the expiration period which is 2015-08-23.

    First, obviously I don't want to downgrade now, I want to downgrade when I renew. And secondly, a $35 fee??? If I keep my current plan, the cost is twice what I paid when I joined them. Even the lower plan is still not cheap. Anyway, I replied to them and we'll see what they say. But it really makes me consider moving, even though I feel like that will be such a hassle. Not a huge deal though since my website isn't very popular right now. I don't know...

  10. So the lower price level (without the entry-level discount of 60% off) is $9.95/month. So basically $120 for the year. If they add $35, then it's almost the same as what they want to charge to renew at the middle rate ($163).

    It just hit me that *maybe* that downgrade fee would only apply if I change plans before the end of my year. But! How dumb to think that that's what I meant? It just doesn't make any sense that they'd think I meant I wanted to change before the end of my renewal period when it's less than a month away, and I feel like my question was clearly stated, that when I renew I'd like to renew at a lower rate...
  11. That is ridiculous.

    Are you tied to them for another year? If not, I would move to another hosting company righty away.

    No hosting company should charge you for upgrading or downgrading to a different shared hosting plan. I can understand hosting companies charging money for setting up new dedicated servers, but in this situation, all they have to do is change a setting.

    I have never used SiteGround, but this stealth fee is not painting a good impression of them.
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  12. No, I'm not tied to them... They say it will autorenew 15 days before my renewal date of August 23, so I need to do something soon.

    They haven't replied to my reply yet. But that all seems so shady and unethical to me. I was wondering whether there was any basis at all to the $35 fee...
  13. The only basis they have is they believe that customers will either pay the fee or be discouraged by the fee and keep the same plan. It is certainly shady, but I'd argue it's more moronic since your renewal date is up and this is the kind of thing that will push people away.
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  14. They replied saying the fee was because it was a "time-consuming process"... highly doubt that. But they will make a one-time exception for me. I replied to clarify exactly what they mean. I'm honestly afraid of them tacking on some hidden fees. I want to make it very clear before I agree to renew with them. Ugh. No fun. It really makes me reconsider whether or not to stay. I was with A Small Orange for a while, and I would hope they wouldn't pull something like that.

    I agree. From a business standpoint, it makes no sense. As one of my favorite financial gurus says, "customer no-service." What are they thinking???
  15. It also ticks me off because I have recommended them numerous times.

    Also, this is probably a separate discussion, but I admit that I am annoyed when people offer such dramatic price differences for new customers. I mean, what does that say about the true value of your product or service? And also, what does it say about who you value?

    Why should your longtime customers/clients have to pay twice as much as brand new, possibly flash-in-the-pan customers? I've experienced this elsewhere as well, and it really rubs me the wrong way. If I'm a repeat customer, I think I should be rewarded for that.
  16. That is one of my pet hates too. I hate how companies offer better discounts to new customers and offset those costs by letting loyal customers pay more.

    If I was in your position, I would be reluctant to sign up for another year with them.
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  17. I'm very tempted to leave them as well. I want to leave them. I am just a little nervous about it because I don't really know how to change over.

    I was looking at A Small Orange again, and they have a "Tiny" plan and a "Small" Plan.

    Here are the details for the Small Plan:

    $5 per month
    • 5 GB of Storage
    • 50 GB of Bandwidth
    • Unlimited Domains
    • 24/7 Email + LiveChat Support
    It is half the cost of Siteground, and they allow unlimited domains, compared to only one domain with SG but 10GB of storage.

    Do you think that amount of storage and bandwidth would be enough? Is it hard to switch over? I would think ASO would be glad to help make it a smooth transition. Also it doesn't appear that they have some crazy low "introductory" prices. It appears that they are what they are. I think I will ask them if they have any fees for upgrading or downgrading.

    I really need to spend as little as possible, so if I can go with the $5 a month and it work fine, that's what I need to do, even if it's a bit of a hassle. It's basically half what I'd pay at the other place. It's just a little scary since I don't know what I'm doing very well.
  18. I'm chatting with them now. They say they'll do the whole migration for me. Also they have the same prices for the life of the account.
  19. Well, I've decided to switch. I hope it's for the best! :) It's certainly way cheaper, and I like their pricing practices better.
  20. 5GB should be more than enough Heather.

    My personal blog, for example, currently uses up 3.725 GB of storage. It has 902 published blog posts, 103 draft blog posts, 1 pending blog posts, 164 published pages, 24 draft pages, and 8,273 uploaded images. It also has countless post types being used due to plugins etc as well as lots of other images that I have uploaded online manually outside of WordPress.

    Put simply, if a blog like mine can survive on under 4GB of storage, yours can easily.

    Don't worry about the transfer. They can do a host to host (probably cPanel to cPanel) transfer for you that will transfer it very quickly. If for any reason they can't, I can help do this for you.

    Just be sure to take a backup of all your files and database before you transfer. I'm sure nothing will go wrong, but it is always better to be safe than sorry :)
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