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Twitter - Response to Followers

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by Heather, Jul 7, 2015.

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  1. When people follow you on Twitter, do you follow up somehow? I've started experimenting and sometimes asking them/inviting them to like my Facebook page. I've gotten one page like this way, at least. I also have linked to my landing page with opt in or just linked to my website. And I've also just thanked them.

    I'm just curious what you all do, or if you've read anything about this. :)
  2. I have started to get into the habit of following back WordPress related people, but for everyone else, I don't tend to do anything until we interact in some way. Which is less often than you would think because so many people simply follow to get a follow back.

    Could be worthwhile thanking them for following you and redirecting them to a thank you page with information about you etc.
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  3. I like that...
  4. Yeah I don't generally interact with people who follow me out of the box, unless it's in any way interesting (i.e. when Barack Obama was following back for a bit, I did take a screenshot. Don't think he's following me anymore :()
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  5. I'll interact if they share my article. As Kevin mentioned, many seem to follow for a follow back.
  6. Like @Jason Quey said... I'll thank them if they share one of my blog posts. But no time to respond to all the RTs, Favs, etc...
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  7. I am actually fed up of thankyou messages on twitter. It seemed like a good thing when I started, but it's just "delete another email" now...
    I also don't know how to delete those lot of messages on twitter, so it is getting difficult to find anything useful there.
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