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Uncommon Request

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Kris Hoja, Aug 19, 2016.

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  1. #1 Kris Hoja, Aug 19, 2016
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  2. That is sad, Kris. I will share it for you. He's such a little cutie. I'm glad to see the fundraising appears to be coming along pretty well.
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  4. Great cause. I hope it all works out ok.
  5. Thank you Kevin :)
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  6. Shared :)
  7. Thank you :)

    Goal was reached, they have all funded :love:

    Richest people in Poland donated over $45000
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  8. Yay!!! That's awesome. How much in total did they raise? And do you know when the surgery will be?
  9. Close to $130 000 :)

    I don't know when they'll fly to USA, but I hope it's gonna happen soon.
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  10. WOW!!! That's so awesome. Wonderful. I know they're rejoicing. I'm so happy for him and his parents and whole family. If you think about it, let us know when you hear that he's had his surgery. I'd love an update. :)
  11. Wow. That's amazing. Glad the goal was reached.
  12. That's amazing! I must admit I've been surprised by the generosity of Polish people, my brother got married at the weekend in Poland and he stated that the Polish guests in general gave them the most money, despite the British people having more disposable income.

    Glad all the money has been raised! That is wonderful news :)
  13. We are united :)

    Good news - Olek is in New York.

    PS. Rhys - it's a tradition to give a lot of money/expensive gifts, sometimes it's going crazy and people are taking loans for this purpose.
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