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Unique Idea: Site Combining Shopping + Roulette | Any Feedback / Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Review My Website' started by ZortZorte, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. Hello! I've tried to combine online shopping with gaming (roulette)... just to see how users react. Right now, we're only focusing on fashion; but the idea could be applied to more products.

    The site is called www.zortee.com

    We're just getting started and know there's room for improvement. I would appreciate any feedback from this fine community. Specifically around any of following topics:

    - Were you confused about anything on your first few seconds of the visit?

    - Do you still have any questions that were not answered?

    - Is there any specific action you wanted to take during your visit, but were not able to do?

    - Any helpful tips (from your experience) to improve our : (a) user sign-up rate & (b) reduce bounce-rates? Basically want to see what low-hanging fruits we've overlooked.

    Thank you so much for all your help in advance!

    I sure do hope some people respond!

    P.S. : A few of you may not see any game (after clicking to a product). You've likely been sent to an A/B control site. Opening the site in another browser, or clearing cache should work.
  2. The actual shopping website looks good, though I think the gaming idea comes across as a little bit gimmicky. Maybe it would fit in better with a video games store or something, but it just does not seem related to fashion.

    I love the shop design though. Nice clean look.
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  3. Thanks for your feedback Kevin. I see what you mean, we hope to go into other products as well, but thought fashion would be a good start as its something people just like window-shopping for.
  4. In case you still need some feedback, I just wanted to let you know that the site is lags quite a bit for me. It feels a bit empty as well.
    Maybe you can add a bit more information about the site and the items? Overall, I like the clean design and the roulette is a nice touch!

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