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Want To Take Up A 30-day Writing Challenge, Anybody?

Discussion in 'Productivity' started by Raspal, Mar 14, 2017.

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  1. This 30-day writing challenge starts April 1st (no, it's not an April fool prank).

    I've joined, and will also be asking some other writers at the writers' meetup I go to, to join.

    Would be great if some of you, especially writers and bloggers join the challenge too.

    There will also be a slack group where we call can chat.
  2. I'm half way through a (31!) day challenge. But I may partake in this one too.

    I've been trying to write 200 words/day. I've failed in one way (I'm not writing 200 words every day), but can still succeed in another way (an average of 200 words/day).

    My hope is that if I can do March & April, I'd have got most of my blog posts written for this year :)
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  3. I can't convince to writing 30 days in a row as I juggle a lot of tasks such as video recording and editing etc. It's a good thing to take part in if you have not been producing as much content as you would have liked.
  4. Actually, if we write even half the month, we would have written more than we normally do. So, it's still beneficial. I also may not be able to do it for a full 30 days. But yes, it's different with you @Kevin Muldoon - you're into a lot many tasks, a real multi tasker. :D
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  5. haha It doesn't feel that way. Just means I'm sucking at multiple tasks!!! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  6. Maybe you should take Micheal Hyatt's recent course on productivity then. His webinars are still going on till tomorrow.
  7. I'm actually fairly productive in general. I train most days, record videos just about every day, and I'm writing every other day too.

    At the moment I just have a lot on my plate because the video work I'm doing isn't going to start becoming profitable for a while. However, I continue to do it because I have a passion for it.

    When my YouTube stuff becomes more profitable, I will be able to reduce the work I do on other things and focus more on that.

    I'm sure Michael Hyatt's course is good, but I'm not sure I'd get much from it. I've read articles on productivity in the past and I don't think I can learn more much about the issue. They all stress the importance of focusing on important tasks first, forgetting about the little things, outsourcing other items, and taking breaks etc.

    Without blowing my own horn, I think I'm quite a productive person. Plus, I think that you can spend too much time reading about being productive instead of just sitting down and working hard.

    Are you taking the course yourself?
  8. Sorry, got busy with WordCamp Mumbai, and later forgot about this. Enjoyed the 2 day event, though, and I was a volunteer this time. :)

    I had watched Michael Hyatt's Free to Focus webinar and that was one reason I mentioned about the course. You sure must be productive, or how do you spit out so many guest blog posts. The Internet is full of your WP themes and plugin reviews and other such poss. And, real, authority content posts. :)

    If I had the moolah, I would have gone with the course, but I don't have so much money. May be some other day I can.

    I think I have to agree, most of us read productivity blogs just for the sake of reading and enjoying the subject. Very few actually practice what we read. It's the same like once a friend told me about Jackie Chan, in childhood. He said that Jackie Chan has soo many masters in all the martial arts movies. A different one in each movie. He said that if Jackie followed just one of those masters, by heart, he would have been an expert master himself and not had to learn from another master.

    Of course, I realized that it was just for the movies he had those different masters. But, this applies to our reading blog posts too. What we read, we can hardly implement, and here comes another shiny blog post on another subject, which we can't resist reading ... and forget what we read in the previous one.

    The best thing I did for productivity is to start creating tiny habits, which you already know and use. I use chains.cc for this. With all the flaws and the developer not responding, it still works for creating habits and is okay to use.
  9. Which other writing challenge were you part way through? I guess you must have completed the challenge as you were midway in mid March.

    When I did a 30 day blogging challenge, there used to be a blogger who took part in the challenge, but used to have 30+ draft posts already written, ready to publish. What she used to write were posts for the next month. At times she even have a 100 drafts ready to publish.

    So, do you have the drafts now for the rest of the year?
  10. I have drafts for about the next month or so. It was a group on Facebook that I'm a member of, but I managed to put together a lot of writing.

    The plan is to do it again this month, so that I am effectively 2, maybe 3 months ahead of my blog posts.
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