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Ways and Resources for Promoting Affiliate Links?

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by Heather, Aug 10, 2015.

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  1. I am an affiliate for a few programs, and it crossed my mind that I could try promoting them on Facebook. I read a little about setting up a landing page with an opt in and then it would go to the link, but I don't really understand. I need to read more about that.

    I also was wondering about just setting up a Facebook ad with image that would link to the program (with my affiliate link).

    And I also do plan to write posts about my experiences with these programs... That may be my best option, then I could promote that post on Facebook and Twitter.

    Do any of you know of any good resources to read about this or have any input related to my thoughts above? What do you do, beyond linking to them on your website?
  2. Be careful about posting affiliate links on Facebook. There are some scare stories out there of Facebook closing accounts because they deemed something as spam.

    It would maybe be better to link to a page on your website such as a review instead of posting an actual affiliate URL. This will, of course, reduce your conversion rates.

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  3. Like Kevin said, don't try affiliate links directly with FB ads. FB doesn't like affiliate links. Build a landing page on your site and link to it from there.
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  4. Brian... What do you mean, build a landing page from my site? That's what I kept reading when I Googled this (see, I do *try* to find answers on my own ;) ) but, I am not sure how that would look, or how I'd go about it... I guess I just don't totally get it. I think I might, but I'm not sure.
  5. Landing pages are usually simple pages that have a sign up form that visitors can sign up to. There are few distractions such as sidebars, banners, navigation bars etc. The whole focus is on converting the visitor to a subscriber.

    Unbounce has an examples page that shows you landing pages.

  6. lol... I do know what a landing page is. I just mean... how would this look if I'm promoting someone else's program. Maybe I've seen this but I'm just not connecting the dots.

    (Remember the Jedi analogy---I really have been paying attention!) :)
  7. Example, please! :)
  8. If you are looking to get people to sign up to a form, use a landing page. If you are looking for people to click on a text link or banner, I believe a review would convert better.
  9. I guess I'm not really getting how a sign up form relates to an affiliate link... But I did read something about killing two birds with one stone, getting email sign ups and then taking them to the link, but I'm still not sure about how/why someone would want to do that. I'm probably not being clear enough about my question.
  10. But thank you for trying to help me understand it. !
  11. So instead of an optin box on the landing page, I would have the affiliate link for them to click? I guess I have it so thoroughly ingrained in my head that landing pages are places for people to put in their email, not just click on a link.
  12. I think you would be better off embedding text links into detailed product reviews. I always got a better return from affiliate links with reviews than I did with banner ads as people have become ad blind (and many block ads using software).
  13. Agreed with what is said above.

    Here's an example of a post I write that is chock full of affiliate links - http://wrestlingbetting.co.uk/wwe-battleground-2015-betting-tips/ - but it converts really well, as it answers a need that people landing on the site has.

    Try to answer somebody's need, rather than review a product, as that can really work. Reviews work well, as they look like a legitimate source, rather than "I like this because they pay me to like it".

    Squeeze pages (or product pages) work best with FB Advertising from my tests. Though that being said, it needs some warm pages. Competitions work well for Facebook too (very well, as you get people who engage with you, and often don't bother to claim the prize!).
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  14. @Rhys Wynne I agree... that all makes sense to me. I'm just wondering, do you have an example of one of the squeeze pages like you're talking about that I could take a look at?
  15. Hey @Heather I agree with @Rhys Wynne ! I have done reviews and they have always generated sales from my immediate community and Search engines. But I make better sales in each post where I try to respond to a need. That's the approach I'm taking now for affiliate marketing.
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  16. Thank you, Enstine! Great advice, and I'm glad to hear it's working for you. :) @enstine
  17. I am currently redesigning mine, but here's one which I found on facebook that looks great - http://www.onlinemeetingnow.com/register/
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  18. @Rhys Wynne When I clicked it, it had an error message and said no seminar selected... I'd love to see an example, though. Thank you for trying to show me one! :)
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