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Web Bureau Development Thread

Discussion in 'Design & Development' started by k06mars, Apr 30, 2015.

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  1. That sounds great! I don't really understand it, but... Yay! It sounds good. One thing I do understand and like is full-width header. :) I like that.

    It's cool that you're working on this. Is this your main creative project right now?
  2. Let me try to explain static text blocks a bit more. On any website you typically have dynamic text (content will change depending on the page) and static text (same stuff in the same place, no matter the page). In even the most simple site - header, menu, content - your header will be static, your menu will be semi-static (it will typically be built from the database of your CMS), and your content will be dynamic ("About Us" requires different information than "Contact Us").

    I'm not much of a fan of most static content implementations, because even then they are still typically built to a template that the user (you) can't change. For instance, your theme may ask for your site name, tagline, and perhaps a logo to build your header. That's great, but what if I want to add another field - my business number, for instance? You end up needing to modify the theme to change static content - and realistically static content should require a skill level no higher than being able to use a WYSIWYG. Modding a theme requires at least basic understanding of PHP. Because of this, the default theme of my CMS (as well as the new, extended theme) don't have any form of "settings" to set which create their own header. Although it did result in a rather blank header and footer!

    Setting up a static block widget, you can quickly put whatever you want in these areas where static text is required. While the obvious example is your site name and logo in the header and copyright in the footer, it can also be used to inject text elsewhere without modding a theme. Think of Wikipedia's yearly fundraising campaign ("If everyone donated $3, we'd be funded for a year in 15 minutes"). Even if this text goes in the header, you don't want to have to modify the "header" text for some temporary notice. Instead, you can set up a separate text block, place that in the header area, and remove it when the fundraising campaign is over, and even if you switch from one theme to another you don't need to copy the text over.

    This has been my only creative project for the past 18 months or so. Unfortunately, I don't have much time to work on it, and when I do get some free time, I prioritize other things (mostly my dog). As a result work on this project is typically done in rushes - a major update is done over the course of a week, and then months go by without much more than a minor bug fix (if that). With that said, a lot has been done, and enough is done that someone experienced in PHP could use the core to build a website of their own. There's still a bit that needs to be done to make it more user friendly for non-developers (not to mention make some admin tasks easier/more accessible for developers), as well as improve things such as database querying. If you take a look at the software, while the admin panels are functional, they simply don't look good at all - so I'll need to go through them and pretty it up a bit as well :)
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  3. What kind of dog do you have?

    I tend to do creative things in rushes, too, although these days I tend to do them more frequently than you since I'm not working a 9 to 5 job right now.

    Let me know if you need a tester once you get it ready enough! :)

    I do like the sound of the more adjustable header you described. That's my main problem with my theme. To make a full width header more like I want, I need to modify the php, and I have no idea about how to do that. Sigh... Or just get a new theme. But for time sake I don't feel like doing that.

    Thank you for sharing more! Very interesting... It sounds like you're creating something that people would like and benefit from.
  4. A Lab mixed with either boxer or pit, depending on the vet you ask. Super-high energy. Unfortunately I've had to send her to my parents for the past few months, my commute has increased from 20 minutes each way to 90 - and so I can only see her on the weekends (I live in Westchester County, NY, while my parents are on the east end of Long Island).

    As for "ready enough", while I know of a few features which are absolutely needed for the "finished product" there's always a disconnect between developers and end-users in terms of what is really useful and what isn't. I'd like to refer to the following comic:


    The best thing I can get is screenshares going with potential users with the product as-is - as they can tell me what features I should stop working on because they'll never be used, and what features I should be putting on my todo list. I can guarantee when I'm ready to put this on my own sites I will use it in a different way than you, simply because my experience as a developer means I will tweak the software every which way, while you would need plenty of ready-to-use plugins to design your site exactly the way you want. If you're interested in something like this, I'm typically available Sun-Thu after 730pm EST to do screenshares (just so long as I know ahead of time..otherwise there's a good chance I'm going to bed early).
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  5. You have interesting schedule Kevin
    I love the above image... Its exact situation we deal with
  6. What a long commute! Goodness. I used to have a 40 minute commute. I think that's my limit. Hopefully that won't be for too long. Great that your parents can take care of the dog.

    Love that picture, too.

    That's an interesting thought that the developers probably have a hard time truly understanding the mindset/perspective of the end user. But they can imagine and then do like you said and get testers and feedback.

    I'm trying to reduce my computer time these days, and I'm usually tired in the evenings, too. I like to go to bed early most nights. I usually wake up early.
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