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What Are We All Working On Today?

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by Kevin Muldoon, May 23, 2016.

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  1. I'm adding a couple of new pages to the webmaster resources area on my blog.

    After that I am going to try and change up my newsletter setup and then hopefully record a video. If I have a little time after that I will start writing an announcement post about my new newsletter setup and then start working on a review of the application I have chosen.

    Are you all having a productive start to the week?

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  2. Just doing client work here, writing about WordPress!
  3. Finally I started design for my own website :)
  4. Good to hear. How's business?

    Will this be a website to promote your own business and services etc?
  5. Yes. It's time to replace that 'site' I have now :D
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  6. Thanks. I'm fully booked and probably have more work than I can handle which is good. But still not getting enough done to earn enough!

    The age old problem ;-)

    Still haven't made any progress on diversifying my income which is my main goal really.

    How are your projects going?
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  7. You should try and launch a blog and update it at least once a week. Alternatively, continue to work for others but hire someone to write for a blog you launch. That way you are maintaining most of your income and developing an asset.

    I have fell behind on my videos over the last month so I need to get back onto that. I have been working on reviews on my blog and I still update my blog every week. I have been adding more resources to my webmaster resources area too. :)
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  9. That is a good idea actually. I think I will try and hire someone and reinvest a bit of my earnings into growing my own blog.

    Then once it starts earning a few $$$ I can justify spending time writing for it myself.

    Is your blog income growing? Do you think it could generate a full time income?
  10. Yes my blog income is growing every month. I know it will make me a full time income as my last two major blogs did.

    My affiliate income increases a little every month and I get requests for reviews every month.

    Though I am considering launching some small content websites too. Working on other websites kind of compliments my blog though as I can talk about it all.
  11. Ah, I'm slow to the conversation :) I've been working on some WordPress support today, and just finished off my a review for my WordPress blog. Currently reading rise forums after going on a date (watched WarCraft), and going to continue my WordPress development education on TreeHouse. Currently working through theme and plugin development.

    Hope to launch a SaaS based plugin in 3 months!
  12. Sounds like a productive day.

    How did you find WarCraft?

    I've not seen it yet. The trailer seems to give off a lord of the rings type vibe.

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  13. WarCraft is ok. Not at the level of X-Men nor Me Before You, if you were planning to bring your date for a movie :)
  14. Cool. Might still go and see it if I have time.

    I enjoyed X-Men. Civil War was essentially an avengers film. It was good, but I find those films very formulaic now (I could level the same criticism at the X-Men films but I've enjoyed them more).

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  15. Just out of interest, would the people who request reviews be ok with you outsourcing them another writer and publishing them under your name?

    Just thinking about how passive they could become if you had a large stream of them coming in.
  16. I see no reason why they would complain.

    I am planning on increasing reviews so in the future I will need help from other writers to handle the load. At the moment I don't receive enough reviews to justify paying another writer.
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  17. Today, I am just chilling and catching up on Rise Forum.

    Been busy with my day jobs. Yes, I now have 2 day jobs, so I am kinda in a identity crisis since i started a marketing company with my wife.
    And when I am free I work on my blog and affiliate network.
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