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What Are You Guys Using for Task Management?

Discussion in 'Productivity' started by Kevin Muldoon, Jan 31, 2014.

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  1. #1 Kevin Muldoon, Jan 31, 2014
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2014
    Task management is not something I have focused on too much in the past. I have always used Google Docs to store important notes and research. I imagine that I will continue to use Google Docs for research notes, but I'm looking for something to help me day to day.

    I have had a lot of job offers over the last two weeks. I am not overwhelmed with it as yet, though I am getting to the point where I should manage my workload more efficiently. Currently, I am just using the stickies application on my Mac. I simply list the jobs that I need to do and try and keep them in order. I also use them to add notes. For example, if I had an article to write about 5 great WordPress plugins, I would research them, write the links down and perhaps note some pros and cons.

    I know of many good task management programs such as Remember The Milk and Evernote; however I am curious as to what you are all using.

    Moving forward, I think that an application that is synced across all devices is ideal as I can access it on any computer and via my mobile. So I think that Remember The Milk could be a good option. I need something that allows me to allocate tasks to specific days and that seems to fit the job.

    Todoist seems quite good too.

    Do you know of any other good productivity services for managing your workload and outstanding tasks?

  2. UPDATE:

    I have been trying out Todoist over the last hour. I also tried Remember The Milk. I had used it years ago so a lot of old notes were there. However, I quickly remembered that I wasn't in love with the way it all worked.

    Todoist is different. Everything seems more simplified. It syncs perfectly on my android phone and ipad too. The free edition does not let you add notes to tasks, something which I think will need to organise my work better. However, it is only $29 a year to upgrade to the premium edition. I am going to use it a day or so and see if it's worth upgrading.

    At the moment, Todoist is definitely at the front of the queue. Really loving its interface :)
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  3. I'm just checking out Trello.

    Not too sure what its good for but keep hearing rave reviews.

    I like that you can create 'boards' and each has its own to do list. Such as a Freelance Writing board, with all the posts/jobs you need to work on that board. Then another board for your shopping list etc.

    So far it looks good but not sure I am using it properly. Will report back when I've used it more.
  4. That actually looks quite good. The boards idea looks like it could work well.

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  5. I use a combination of RTM and Trello.

    Trello is my project board, particularly if there's bunch of tasks. Each column is a project, with cards for each major milestone.

    RTM is my task list - which has a range of tasks from the ones imported from Trello to those that are repeating such as putting the bins out. I wrote a post on how to integrate between the two on my day job blog - http://firecask.com/import-trello-cards-into-remember-the-milk/
  6. Great article Rhys.

    I'm going to stick with Todoist for the time being. It's very basic but it seems to work well for the way I handle things.
  7. We have been using Trello in the past but it turned out it only slowed down our productivity, since we were all in the same room and it was a lot more faster and easier to talk live than to write it in trello :) But if we would have worked remotely, than Trello would have probably be a very good option.
  8. Yeah it doesn't make sense to use an online collaborative service if you all work together every day.
  9. Quick question on that approach (as I work similar), what do you use to track things? Like things that need to get done. I know when people shout things at me to do them I usually forget :D
  10. #10 Brian Jackson, Feb 12, 2014
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2015
    My team is using Glip. Pretty awesome tool with great task management system. You can read my review here: http://brianjackson.io/best-team-collaboration-task-management-software/ (and yes, I just flat out called it the best... haha, that is what happens when I title my blog posts at 2am)

    All three of us work remotely though. I agree with Tesla, if we were all in the same room it doesn't make much sense to use it.

    Another similiar service to Glip is Redbooth (formerly Teambox). However for small teams it is pricier.

    I would still be using Glip even if I was by myself.
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  11. Hi Rhys!
    Since we are all in the same office, we use the old style paper and pencil for tracking our tasks. We also have a whiteboard where we write the most important tasks we need to make in this month/week. Usually we update/complete the tasks in a week.
  12. Thanks for the recommendations guys.
  13. Ah yes, we use that as well :)
  14. I am thinking now of giving Trello a try! It looks great.
  15. Tom McFarlin with Envato told me they use Trello, which I guess would be a good for them since they have so many authors writing for them from around the world. Personally, I like the combo of Wunderlist and a good old fashion pocket planner. I have to write stuff down to remember it, but I like how Wunderlist syncs with all my Apple products.
  16. I'm using Wunderlist app for my mobile and pc to manage the tasks. It is really awesome and easy.
  17. I wanted to use OneNote since long time ago, but due to the lack of android app, I used Evernote for 2 years with its premium features. Until OneNote Android app was released, I transfer all my notes to OneNote. Now I only use Evernote for something that needs reminder.
  18. I am using Evernote and Any.Do for my tasks management..

    Evernote is very easy to use and comes with many professional features..
  19. Does anyone know an Android app that will show me my task list for a certain day?

    So if its Monday it will show me my tasks or schedule for Monday?

    Trello is great but I'd like a timetable app too, not just tasks?

    Any ideas?

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