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What Are You Guys Using for Task Management?

Discussion in 'Productivity' started by Kevin Muldoon, Jan 31, 2014.

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  1. I felt Todoist was quite limited at first as it didn't allow you to add notes to items - but I get around that by just adding my notes to the title. I couldn't work without it now.

    I can check it on my android phone, iPad, on my Mac, and on my Windows laptop. It also shows when I login to Gmail. I'd be very disorganised without it.

  2. The only one I'm really experienced with is Asana. Great for keeping yourself and your team organized, although the amount of options may require some time to get used to it all.

    I'm actually quite surprised no one mentioned it yet.
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  3. Hey guys,

    Sorry for being late to the party. I've been using Pocket Informant since my Pocket PC days and still absolutely love it. Available for iOS and Android these days.

    Anyone else remember the HP Jornada and how sexy the Compaq IPAQ was when it came out? Was Microsoft just ahead of the time?
  4. Pocket Informant looks fantastic. Shame it is only available on mobile. I want a solution that syncs across all devices :)

    I remember the Compaq devices and palm pilots of the 90s. Very cool. They were way ahead of their time. Sony always had a knack for releasing cool prototypes too; most of which never even left Japan.
  5. Thanks adding the link Kevin. Pocket Informant does sync your tasks and appointments with Google Calendar and Tasks as well as Reminders on iOS, so you do have some kind of connection to your desktop and other devices.
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  6. I was trying out Trello because I wanted a visual way to get all my ideas, plans, to dos, etc in one place for my blog. I'm not that crazy about Trello... It's not really hard to use, but, I don't know. I'm just not loving it.

    But I just tried out @Brian Jackson 's recommendation, Glip, and that looks really great (even for just me, not a team!). I'll try to let you know what I think after I use it more.

    I've recently been using Basecamp for a group project I'm doing, and I think Glip is much better.
  7. Hey heather... ya I don't like how Trello boards operate. Just doesn't work for me. I also used to use Basecamp and hate it lol. Seems like they are using the same design as they were when they launched.

    Glip is fresh, great UI, super fast, and just works. I love the simplicity of Glip. My whole team loves it and it saves us hundreds of hours from emailing back and forth. Our graphic designer frieken loves it lol! You can post a picture and then everyone can comment on an area of the picture... great for mockups, approvals, even proofreading.

    And like you, I have a Glip account for my personal use. Would love to hear what you think about it after using it for a while.
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  8. I'm pretty amazed that it's free. Yes, I'll definitely let you know. I also thought about how it would be good for proofreading and editing.
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  9. I just signed up with Trello. Didn't think it could be free.

    Almost a decade ago (between 2004-2006), I used to use a service called OnlineHomeBase.com from Marc Fest (a well known name) and the concept and design was exactly the same. Except that, there were no images we could embed. And, Marc ran the site on a VMS server from his home, then (had both free and paid memberships).

    Seems Trello borrowed from him. But, anyway, thanks for posting.

    Kevin, here are some others you can try:




    Joe's Goals

    I'm currently using Tick Tick, but tomorrow.do is also simple and nice.

    Do try tick tick.
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  10. Thanks Raspal. Tick Tick looks great. Tomorrow.do looks good for simple lists.
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  11. There is a good app, called 1-3-5 To-Do. It's very simple to use. The app has 3 main to-do lists: Today, Tomorrow, Someday (for unprioritized tasks). All to-do's are visible on one screen while the list has predefined priority so you can quickly and easily manage it. There are also tags to describe the context of the tasks and Calendar that allows you to plan your future to-dos, track history and quickly check how many to-dos you have for any specific day. You can check it out on Amazon or Googe Play (available for both phones and tablets).
  12. Asana was on my todo list to check out, since a while.

    I created an account with them a few days ago, but didn't get time to view their videos yet.

    I do have a few writer friends and I think Asana could work between us.

    I also registered with Trello and had them create an account with it.

    Can you share your experience with Asana?

    If it takes quite some time to get used to, it may be overwhelming for my non-techie writer friends.
  13. Are you using Trello for anything yet?

    I like how it works and the multiple lists on one page like the old OnlineHomeBase.com.

    I found, I had an account with them but I don't remember which email address I had used for that account.

    So, trying to reset the password doesn't work without the proper email address. :/
  14. Brian and Heather,

    How did you register at glip.com? I could not.

    I tried using three browsers - Firefox, IE11 and Chrome.

    I could not click any link or button using FF and IE.

    I registered using Chrome, but clicking the link in my e-mail to validate doesn't work. Tried twice. I get the same glip.com homepage with the same button to register.

    Didn't try with Opera but it probably wouldn't work like with FF and IE.

    BTW, FF and Chrome are latest versions.

    Any tips, how to register? How did you register?
  15. One of my clients uses Trello to organise blog posts. It's not something I have used for one of my own projects.
  16. #36 Brian Jackson, Dec 28, 2014
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2014
    @Raspal I mentioned this to David who is one of the co-founders of Glip... I haven't had any problems signing up, but it could be over the holidays maybe a bug developed? I asked him to chime in on the forums to help out.

    Update: I PM'd you Raspal
  17. Thanks for your help, Brian

    Replied the PM.
  18. Hi Raspal, I'm sorry you're having difficulty getting started. Are you still unable to sign in?
  19. Yes, Patrick, I'm still unable to register/sign up.
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