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What are your biggest blogging challenges?

Discussion in 'Blogging & Content Marketing' started by Adam Connell, Jul 10, 2014.

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  1. Thanks, Adam! I appreciate your input. I have done some of what you describe about building audience personas. I really need to get all of my blogging stuff organized better.

    Your Grow Your Blog post is full of helpful information! I was just learning about how to research the influencers in your niche, so that was cool that it was in your post as well, along with researching which posts are getting shared the most. Is BuzzSumo similar to Socialcrawlitics?

    Also, I'd never heard of Triberr, so that's good to know about.

    Question: What is the link to the group interview post you mentioned?
  2. No worries Heather - just making a start on audience personas puts you ahead of so many others! :)

    Glad you found the post useful - influencer marketing is a great way to get ahead.

    Social Crawlytics accomplishes something similar, it's more in depth but slower to use. You also have credits that will run out. You enter a domain and a report runs, time depends on the size of the site.

    BuzzSumo you can also use to search for topics rather than just domains and you get instant results. You can also identify influencers easily (Social Crawlytics only identifies most shared authors for the sites you search for but the feature is disabled by default).

    Here's the link to my group interview post: http://www.bloggingwizard.com/stand-out-online/
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  3. Thanks so much for that information! Instant results will be really nice. I will definitely check that out, and read your post.
  4. My pleasure, Heather. Results may not be instant but results will be definitely be faster :)
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  5. Hi Adam,

    My biggest challenge has been changing how I view myself. I'm a full time teacher - and for the last 4 years I've spent my time learning how to improve lessons and give my students a better learning experience. Since I started blogging to promote my training services however - I have struggled with getting into character for my new role as a writer and promoter. Getting into the right frame of mind to write articles every day wasn't easy for me. Same goes for reaching out to other bloggers: there's a fine balance between arse-kissing and selling yourself that you have to get right - and things can take a lot longer than you expect. It's very easy to go back doing what you are comfortable with while you are waiting to get traction.

    I hope this help and am happy to elaborate if you like

  6. I find a lot of advice very inspiring. But it stops at being that. Its so grand that I end up feeling overwhelmed. I booked a domain some time back. But couldn't take it any further.
    But now I have started taking really small steps. Nanosteps, if you'd call them. I am now working on the profile of my ideal reader. I have no idea of how many challenges are in store, but this is my immediate concern.
    Earlier I had only intended it to be a simple resume,but I realized that even if I mean to use it like a showcase, I still need some quality posts.
  7. Brian, I agree, it seems like things take forever sometimes. @Brian Duffy

    Deesha, yes, have some domains I got started with way back, but the initial learning curve with wordpress was pretty steep. And then once I started getting the hang of things, life intervened in the form of my husband's unemployment, which led to all of my spare time being spent job searching. Plus my baby daughter was younger which didn't give me as much time for other things, either. Anyway, that is great about taking nanosteps. That's what it takes. And sometimes you can take big steps. The main thing is to keep moving forward. @Deesha
  8. Yeah @Heather...like the sound of it - nanosteps and some big leaps...nice way to go around it...
  9. So true, it's easy to go back to what we're comfortable with. And it takes time to gain traction.

    How do you feel about writing and promoting your work right now?

    Are you warming up to it at all or is it something that you just don't like doing?

    Writing has to become a habit and the same goes for promoting your posts. That was the biggest hurdle that I ever faced.

    How often do you write at the moment?
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  10. I can relate to that. I still have folders full of information that I've planned on using, but have never taken action on.

    I like your idea of taking small steps, that's definitely the best way forward. One step at a time.

    @Heather is right, sometimes you will end up taking a huge step and things will feel like they're moving in the right direction then you will be more motivated than ever.
  11. Writing post and correcting grammar and spellings. :( It steals my time.
  12. I don't have any plan on how to write post. I just choose the subject ,Collect tax rules ( I am writing on Indian taxation matters) start writing. do editing one or two times. and complete the article up to 800 to 1200 words.

    Actually I think I should learn a lot on how to writing. It takes 3 to 4 hours to write a 1200 words post. And I can't maintain consistency on writing. I am getting readers but due to irregularity in posting , can't improve my blog performance.

    I will read your mentioned post. Still suggestions of you or any member of the forum are welcomed.

    I want to increase my writing speed and want some motivation for writing.

    Is there any technique on how to write the post?

    Thanks in advance.
  13. @Tarannum, one of the things that helped me the most was having a process to work through step by step.

    This process takes me through planning/research/writing/editing/formatting/promotion.

    Most people who have a process like this have their own process that is tailored to what works for them and adapted over time.

    Reading up more on writing would definitely help. One post that has made a difference to me is this: http://boostblogtraffic.com/crystal-clear-writing/

    As for the time it takes, 3-4 hours could be a long time or a short time. I spend a long time on writing posts too, some posts of 1200 words I can do in 1 hour, others take 4+.

    Here's a basic step by step guide: http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/how-to-write-blog-post-simple-formula-ht - I'm sure there are much better resources out there though (I'll probably create one in the future, the fact I struggled to find one is evidence that it's needed).

    Maybe some of the other members could suggest some writing resources to help you?

    @Kevin Muldoon, @Joe F, @Shaun - could you suggest any resources?
  14. I have read the post crystal clear writing. The post is awesome. thanks.

    Then I think my speed is ok. I am thinking to spend 3 hours daily on writing. It will be from 6 pm to 9 pm. Also thinking to publish 3 posts per week. I think quality posts will increase my traffic. Also decided to write 1 guest post per week to get more readers to my site. I am also spending half hour to contribute to tax forums and get engagements with readers.

    Do you like my plan?
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  15. Sounds like a solid plan @Tarannum - the important thing is finding what works for you.
  16. My biggest blogging challenge is making it a part of my daily routine. I tend to blog when I feel a creative urge. But I've learned from other writing endeavors that "making yourself do it" as a routine can yield just as much great content as "waiting for that creative urge.
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